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Something for the well heeled motorcycle crowd
For me that is beyond a simple cosmetic issue and I wouldn't hesitate to return them
Visited the Filson factory in Seattle and the Bellingham Outlet store over the weekend. Bought a couple of items, including a tote bag, for the wife's birthday but nothing for myself which is a turn-up for the books as I usually find something or other that interests me. Is it possible that I have enough/too much Filson gear ?
They can indeed be worn as a casual boot and IMHO they are not truly a heavy duty or winter boot.We may all have different opinions on what heavy duty is, but for me the construction is simply not that of a heavy duty boot They can be somewhat prepped for winter wear but are not insulated and by default come with a plain leather sole which can be a liability on a slick surface with that is wet or icy.
Yep, this is from an earlier emailshot
The Grassmere is a wide boot, even in the toe box. I always wear insoles and went with my true size.
Wow, that's sad to hear. I've always found them to be very helpful and courteous. I'll be back in the UK sometime this year and need to get a shoe resewn so I guess I'll find out their level of interest then.
Longer to account for shrinkage and so you can roll them up to get the perfect cuff just above the top of the boot
Google selvedge and raw denim and you'll be on your way
Is it not fun to breathe new life into things that others may discard ?
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