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Try washing your jeans more often I'm not sure if there is truly an effective way of protecting the bags material from the indigo in jeans. Things such as 3M Scotchguard may help a little, but I'm not sure how much.There are darker colour bags that may hide the staining - black, navy blue and brown. Otherwise, it's a case of living with the wabi that has rubbed off your jeans.
You may want to edit your post and remove all the non-text code in your post as it is otherwise invisible.If the Indigo dye has got into the leather then it can be very difficult to remove. Try a leather cleaner, such as saddle soap. After using the cleaner apply a conditioner and then a polish as required.
They say they fit true to size.They struck me as a cross between the 1K and the Redwing Beckman. Only available for pre-order with no indication of delivery timeframe on the embryonic website. Kickstarter website is not that helpful either. Like the look of the roughout boot though, but I shall resist as my next boot purchase really should be a pair of the William Lennon B5 boot and I really don't need another pair of footwear at this point.
The QC lovers here will appreciate this shot.
eBay seller ' peggysuealso' has some in a couple of lengths 72" and 108"
Try a thicker leather lace.I buy bulk lengths of 1/8" width pre-oiled leather cord and have not had an issue with them breaking easily.
I think that answers your own question,Get the larger pair and adjust the fit via the thickness of your socks or by adding inserts/insoles - heel, half length or full length.
Stroll on. Would not be a problem for me.
Oh, then yes. You can see the logo where it meets the vibram sole.
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