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Any issues with indigo bleed you can foresee ?
If you are toes are hitting the toe box with thin socks on then I'd say that that is going to a problem moving forward, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. The leather may give a little, but generally not around the toe box area as this will be reinforced to help retain its shape.Better slightly too large than slightly too small in my book as adjustments can be made with various insoles and thicknesses of socks.
Gotta love a 1911. Plenty of perp stopping power. Hope you don't get any CLP stains on the Filson!
Concealed carry in a 256 ? I'm guessing a jet injector rather than a thing that goes bang
Can you try them on in a bricks and mortar store ?Do the sellers offer returns ?What size are you feet when measured in a brannock device ?What thickness of sick do you plan to wear ?Do you plan to use any insoles ?For boots I would always buy my true size and then adjust with insoles or sock thickness. YMMV.
The Ilkleys do indeed run large as they are on a wide last. I had to size down when I bought mine.Pretty much any thick sock will do, as will any insert. I wear socks from Costco, Marks and Spencers, REI and various other stores. Don't get hung up on the brand, just look for a decent sock of suitable thickness and colour for your needs.Some of my insoles are for work boots and have a soft plastic bottom, but this has never caused any real damage to the inside of the boots...
Sounds about right. That is the difference between the oil finish and the dry finish.
Proofing spray ?
I have variously used Obenaufs oil, Obenaufs HDLP and Lexol conditioner to treat the leather on my bags.
I actually wore mine yesterday in torrential rain and there were no problems with water ingress from the sole or elsewhere.
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