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eBay seller ' peggysuealso' has some in a couple of lengths 72" and 108"
Try a thicker leather lace.I buy bulk lengths of 1/8" width pre-oiled leather cord and have not had an issue with them breaking easily.
I think that answers your own question,Get the larger pair and adjust the fit via the thickness of your socks or by adding inserts/insoles - heel, half length or full length.
Stroll on. Would not be a problem for me.
Oh, then yes. You can see the logo where it meets the vibram sole.
Sounds pretty typical for a nylon strap. Post images of the custom leather once you get it made.
A number of custom made straps have been posted to this thread in the past. As indicated, best to find a cobbler or someone used to working with leather - saddle/tack maker, etc. Just found an example of custom strap on the first page of this thread Moving away from a leather strap. Filson make a nylon strap for some of their bags, it may be possible to buy one of these. There are also some less dressy solutions, such as op/tech's SOS (Save on Shoulders) straps.
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