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Looks better for sure, but lipstick on a pig ?
Personally, I'd be hitting the RMA button, but your notion of what is acceptable obviously varies from mine. With that in mind, one thing to remember is that closeup photos we are seeing are going to make the marks look more obvious. Maybe stand next to full-length mirror and see how they look from various distances.
Yep, but I may be asked to leave at any moment !
http://www.sierratradingpost.com/lp2/exchange-return/Looking back through the images you have posted it is getting worse and spreading. The areas that rub on your trouser legs are going to get worse and will be visible to others, even when standing. Sitting down and crossing your leg will expose the boot to even more scrutiny. Keeping your feet firmly under the table is going to be a must.Have you tried covering a small area with boot polish to see how well it matches ? A...
Crapshoot.The reason for boots to be seconds may or may not be visible. Generally speaking, the reason is most likely going to be cosmetic and visible but need not be. With STP you have no way of knowing until you receive the boots and inspect them.For me that rubbing off of the finish is pretty visible and is on the outside of the foot where I'm pretty sure that people will see it, unless you can mask it and prevent further rubbing off of the finish.I would bite the...
There is no simple answer to that question by way of a magic "every x weeks" formula. It all depends upon how often the boots actually need conditioning, which is going to depend upon such factors as the environment in which they are worn, how much wear, etc, etc.I would condition before wearing - several light applications are going to be better than one heavy application - and then whenever you feel like the leather needs a bit of TLC. such as when the leather looks dry...
I hope you sno-seal your camera or at least that it has some decent seals. High winds and driving rain can cause havoc with cameras.
1 f*cks given ?Send them back as they will only get worse. Even if you find a good way to mask and match the area it will be a never ending job as new areas rub off.The STP seconds crapshoot continues.
They do look pretty good, better than than the Red Wing 8173 that they remind me of.
Unless you want the small volume and/or the Horween packaging it is cheaper to buy elsewhere in larger quantities.http://www.zoesmfgco.com/~shop/venetian-shoe-cream/225167/?catId=41761.http://www.foresupplyco.com/productDetail.asp_Q_catID_E_48_A_subCatID_E_55_A_productID_E_703_A_ZOES_Venetian_Shoe_Cream_E_ZOES_Venetian_Shoe_Cream.A 32 fl oz tin will last you a lifetime, unless you have more footwear than Imelda Marcos
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