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Thanks for the update. If you apply neatsfoot oil please let us know what colour change happens. Be careful when buying neatsfoot oil, check the ingredients and look for 100% neatsfoot oil. Fiebings do a 100% pure neatsfoot oil that is widely used for horse tack.
"You don't know shit from Shinola"That is apparently the reason.
WWII military rough out boots would have been protected with dubbing and polish, so obenaufs or sno-seal would likely be a good alternative. They would really stuff and push the wax into the leather using hot spoons, candles, etc. This would, of course, darken the leather and greatly impact the texture. You could eventually get them to a high shine, I do believe. If you are looking to keep the colour and texture as they currently are, then 3M scothguard is likely your...
It's a double-edged sword. You need to have some new product lines, so you don't get stuck in your ways and have something new to attract buyers, particularly when you are selling items that are meant to last a long times. At times though, it does feel like an attempt to flee to Eddie Bauerism.I was intrigued by a couple of things thoughJudging by the numbers the movements are Ronda quartz movements. Why would you import parts for such movements and assemble them in the...
I almost laughed -
Bixby bicycle and AEV Brute next ?Hopefully, it is just discontinuing lines that didn't sell well, leaving a core of products that do sell. I worry when a company starts to offer a wide variety of items in a number of colours. Seems like desperation.
I think the difference in colour between the two leathers is just a trick of the light. There are any number of factors that can alter how an image look and how the colours are portrayed, Lighting - colour temperature, direction(s) and strength of light, direct, bounced or difussed, etc, etc. Then you have to consider the white balance and the metering used for the exposure. After that there is what is done in post-production - what software was used and what is it...
It is very bright as it is the safety/hunters/blaze orange that is used when hunting. The theory being that the colour doesn't occur in nature and the game being hunted don't really register it as a bright colour, so wearing it and marking your location using coloured tape or cloth makes you more visible to other hunters and thus less likely to suffer a blue on blue (or is that orange on orange) incident. Filson makes hunting clothes using this colour material
The dark patch, is it simply leather that has been discoloured by dirt and moisture that went in through the hole, or is it somehow worse than that ?If it is just discoloured then I don't see why letting it dry out and putting another rubber covering over it would be harmful.
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