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You'd have to do some work and do some sums, but it may be cheaper if you buy in the US and have it delivered to the UK. Maybe look at one of the sales threads that have appeared on this thread in the past and do some sums.Look for some of the larger eBay sellers and see if they ship to the UK. Contact them directly and ask if they can offer a discount, you may get a response of 'give us a call to discuss'. Call them up and find out what price they can offer and what...
Hard to say. Saddle soap will generally remove dirt and once it dries the leather will look a little lighter, but applying a conditioner and/or some polish will help darken things back up.Excessive rubbing can certainly affect the leather either by burning or wearing through the top layer. However, if the indigo dye is well into the leather, then it is hard to see how you can remove it without some rubbing.Go gentle would be my advice, use a soft cloth and lots of saddle...
It be hereby witnessed, this 21st day of July in the year of our lord 2014, that the wrinkly condition that so strickens some, but not all, CXL be no longer known as 'veiny bull penis' and that henceforth it be called 'bull belly' or 'unshrunken bullhide' Signed The readers of StyleForum.net
I'm with you on that, for me,patina or wab/sabi equates to wear and use, not dirt. I like things to look broken in, but not overtly dirty. I couldn't bear a tan bag with an indigo stain.It would drive me m-m-mad.
Try washing your jeans more often I'm not sure if there is truly an effective way of protecting the bags material from the indigo in jeans. Things such as 3M Scotchguard may help a little, but I'm not sure how much.There are darker colour bags that may hide the staining - black, navy blue and brown. Otherwise, it's a case of living with the wabi that has rubbed off your jeans.
You may want to edit your post and remove all the non-text code in your post as it is otherwise invisible.If the Indigo dye has got into the leather then it can be very difficult to remove. Try a leather cleaner, such as saddle soap. After using the cleaner apply a conditioner and then a polish as required.
They say they fit true to size.They struck me as a cross between the 1K and the Redwing Beckman. Only available for pre-order with no indication of delivery timeframe on the embryonic website. Kickstarter website is not that helpful either. Like the look of the roughout boot though, but I shall resist as my next boot purchase really should be a pair of the William Lennon B5 boot and I really don't need another pair of footwear at this point.
The QC lovers here will appreciate this shot.
eBay seller ' peggysuealso' has some in a couple of lengths 72" and 108"
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