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Maybe consider leather laces. Bulk lengths of leather cord are readily available and will work out a lot cheaper than $10 a pair. Not flat, but something to consider.
Any polish should do, but you may need to dye first (Fiebings would be a good choice here) if there is a major colour difference over a large area. Matching the colour exactly could be a challenge.Wouldn't you have to neutralise the chemical before applying the dye or polish ?It may be better to wear more appropriate footwear - some natty wellington boots perhaps
I made my own greenland wax and used it on my medium field bag - http://www.styleforum.net/t/133759/filson-bag-thread-with-pictures/3675#post_7059688I found bars of the Gulf paraffin wax at Walmart and the beeswax at a farmers market.
I'll second that. It would be interesting to hear what Filson have to say about the unusual tag.
The April catalogue has some interesting pages about the materials, the manufacturing process and repairs - http://axiom.ipaperus.com/virtuoso/Filson/April2014/ No details on the Filson X Magnum bags, just a teaser page ...
WabiliciousIs that circular silver ring on the leather patch that holds the D ring to the bag a repair ?
I wear a UK 9.5 Grasmere boot (4497 last) , UK 9.5 Ilkley shoe (4444 last) and wear a US 11 Red Wing 875
Washed or not, the leather needs some TLC for sure
Reading the description of that item - and I'm not sure why I missed it earlier - it does state that they are Talon zippers. It has been quite a while since Filson has used those.
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