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As if that bag needs more character!I applaud you for the DIY approach and am looking forward to the final results.
Stick to Tricker's Never buy a shirt that does not have spare buttons (of all sizes) stitched onto them. I'm surprised that RRL shirts don't have them, but it has been very long since I have bought any RRL shirts. Cost-cutting measures.
Great news and good work on the sewing. I guess it is too late to tell you that you can get black thread for those awls ..
Agreed, but you think, act and are influenced in different ways once you are part of a larger company. Each of the arms will be a separate business unit that will have targets, etc.
Maybe he should just bite the cost of postage and return them to Nordstrom ?Buying in one country and taking to another is always a risk, even if the company offers a worldwide warranty. Do Wolverine offer a worldwide warranty ? If not, then the German distributor may simply not want to get involved considering them to be grey market goods.
I think people forget that Wolverine are not a small family run business of bootmakers who are going to live or die by a few bad boots.http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=www&ql=1http://www.wolverineworldwide.com/
So you have had issues that have been resolved by RW, RRL and Wesco customer Service ?Wow.There must be some good German/European bootmakers. I think I'd start looking at their products,
Check with Crane as to the code.You come to a Wolverine 1K thread and ask if the Indy is a better boot ? The Indy is a great boot and will serve you well. I find it interesting that you are only interested in it because of the reviews. Doesn't the look of it come into the equation also ? I'd argue that they are quite different boots. The 1K being more of a work boot and the Indy being more of a refined boot, despite Alden's description.A well fitting 1K should be a very...
When the bag arrives have a look at the leather and if it feels dry then consider giving it some love.
They are great. Buy them both.
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