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That is craziness, from a business perspective and explains the high cost = labour intensive.
This sir, is a heavily used and restored Filson bag that was originally retailed sometime in the late 20th to early 21st century. While we do not have a full and detailed provenance for any individual bag, we feel confident that it was used to carry items such as clothes, books, laptop computers and the like. The modern upgrades, which include a YKK zipper and 'Made at Filson' label fully complement the original materials and do not detract from the functionality or the...
Measure your current bag. Determine what additional volume you require. Find Filson bag that meets your needs.
Seems like sold items drop to the bottom of the page. 4 sold so far.
You are after a contact adhesive. Barge Cement is one such product.. Please take photos as you do the work and post them, as it will be interesting to see how it goes and the results.
Kinda depends upon what sort of winter weather you are planning to use them in and what kind of a sole you are intending to put on.For me winter is basically rain with the occasional frost, for which a Topy'd 1K will be OK to wear in, assuming it doesn't get to badly drenched too often and the frosts not so deep as to cause you to slip. If you get some snow and ice a more aggressive, lugged vibram may be a more suitable choice. As you head towards more extreme conditions...
The properties of the two are given on the obenaufs website:http://www.obenaufs.com/leather-oil/leather-oil-1http://www.obenaufs.com/heavy-duty-lp/heavy-duty-lp-8-ozReading the above does seem to indicate that the oil is a lighter version of the LP.Only the LP is mentioned as repelling salt.The oil IMHO could potentially soften the leather more as it is more easily absorbed, but if you run that risk if you overtreat with just about anything, including coconut oil.
How many modern hiking boots have a leather sole with goodyear welt construction ?As for why typical hiking boots cannot be resoled after snoseal has been used, that I am not sure about.
Not true
I may be splitting hairs here, but rebranded has connotations that the item is manufactured by Filson, but is sold under another brand name to address different market segments, etc.So far we have seen homages or 'inspired by', but no out and out fakes. Let me define fakes as items that bear the Filson name but were not made by them or under license from them.
New Posts  All Forums: