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"Made at Filson" covers a multitude of sins, but convenient if outsourcing beyond Seattle.Extra amount of white space ? KInda depemds.
Eagan Outlet Store - http://www.filson.com/dealer-locator/stores/eagan-factory-outlet-store/
A decent cobbler should be able to get the half sole off.Have a look at this - http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.php?p=4146554&postcount=358
Beaten to shit from a year or two of casual urban use, unlikely in my book. If you baby it, keeping it off the ground and away from dirty objects it should survive relatively unscathed, however the reality is that after a while it will get distressed, discoloured and perhaps even dirty. Liberal applications of a stain repellent and waterproofer (e.g. 3M Scotchguard) may help keep the colours, more so then wax that may serve to attract and keep dirt.
Yeah, thinking back I may be wrong on how tight a fit is. I tried it once, decided it was not the best solution and moved on to the older camera bags.
The RB67 is a medium format camera, so it and associated lenses are very large. I have a 232 medium field bag and it just fits into the bag, but there is no room for a wrap or any other form of padding. In the end I found an old padded camera bag that fits the RB67 with lens and associated items. I use a strap to carry the tripod.RB67 + 90mm lens + Minox 35ML + Galaxy SIII with extended battery.
Sounds like time to find a better cobbler. Using review sites and apps such as Yelp! can help.
Looks to be a serious bag, with a cavenous capacity at reasonable cost, but I didn't seen an option for a sherpa to carry it once fully loaded!
If nothing else they do seem overpriced for my needs. The 6B67 + lens cost I may use a domke wrap or inserts to transform an old Timbuk2 messenger bag into a camera bag. Or scour CL for a suitable bag, I do like the lowepro backpack/slingbags.
New Posts  All Forums: