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Renovateur and mink oil ?Mink oil is considered to be a conditioner. Saphir renovateur is mink oil based and is a cleaner and conditioner. So, go easy with the separate mink oil if you use the renovateur.You would typically clean, condition and then polish your boots. Use a cloth/brush to get off all dirt and dust, then use the renovateur and finally the bordeaux polish. If the leather doesn't look dry then you can skip the renavateur.
If you scuff them, feel they need a polish or they look a bit dry and shabby. There is no strict rule as to how frequently you should polish footwear and it will also depend on what sort of a finish you want on your boots. Some folks will polish after every wear, some every couple of weeks, some every couple of months, some will never polish only condition. You just have to find the regimen that works for you.
I was interested in the camera field bag as I like the full size mouth vs the 232 opening.However, not enough to make me upgrade.VS
Dark olive, the new (magnum) black.
So, is iDoc the only SF member to pick up a Filson x Magnum camera bag ? What are the thoughts on them ?
Nice and quite affordable compared to the Hasselblad kit. I'm trying to avoid going MF as I'd then need another Filson (camera) bag larger than the 232.For anyone looking at picking up the ancient art of 35mm photography, start out with a simple and cheap camera - OM-1/2N (or similar) + 50mm f1.8 - and learn to develop your own B&W film - Patterson tank + Rodinal/Adonal stand development gets my vote - and use a scanner to digitise the negatives on to your computer. Only...
Mass generalisation alert, but having experience of Barbour (UK and NZ manufacturer) + Filson (US manufacturer) + Dryazabone (Australia) I have to say there is no real difference between the smell of waxed canvas across countries.The quality and, err smell, of waxed canvas is going to depend on two main things - the quality of the canvas and the quality and type of materials used to impregnate it. This can vary greatly by manufacturer and, hopefully, little between batches...
I have fat fingers, so everything is a pain on that camera. You get used to zone focusing pretty quickly. It's a fun little thing though and certainly better than lugging around the F5.Chemung Mine, just north of Mono Lake
Just had a quick look and there are quite a few chisel toe boots. No idea why the 059 does not appear on this page. http://www.blundstone.com/us/chisel-toe-boots
It will restore a shine and cover slight scuffs, bit not to the same extent as a polish that contains a coloured dye close to the colour of the leather.
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