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Consider putting topy (or similar) rubber coverings on the soles. Will provide better grip, plus easier and cheaper to replace than leather soles.
Sounds as if it could just be the Navy material, in which case it could be alternate materials -and/or ways of measuring and coming up with the same oz weight figure. Next time someone is in a Filson store, maybe they could ask a question.
BTW Where on the bags are you comparing the material as there may be inherent differences in the construction of the 256 and 257 ? It would be better to compare new and old 256 bags. FWIW - I have just done a quick finger test on my 256 and 257 bags and they feel about the same thickness. Both bags have 'might as well have the best' tags.
Filson now have three versions of the 'original briefcase' - see below - and if it wasn't navy blue in colour I would wonder if you had a 71053 with thinner storm flap. Is it a collab 256 or a 'pure' Filson 256 ? 70256 - 22-oz. Rugged Twill + Bridle Leather 7015 - 15-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth + Bridle Leather 70153 - 22-oz. Rugged Twill + 15-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth 22-oz of twill is an areal density of the material - The number refers to the weight in ounces of a given...
A cobbler can fix that pretty easily.With seconds it is a crap shoot as to what the problems can be - blemish to leather, bad stitching, weak batch of glue/cement, etc, etc.
To summarise, the size 8.5 felt a little too big, the size 8 were too tight, so you ordered a size 9, but think that the size 8 would work best ?Given you measure approx. 8.75 and your past experiences I'd think that 8.5 would be the way to go. A little too big is going to be better than too small as you can use thicker socks and/or insoles.
I wonder if they have the lasts, which would be the main reason to go to RMW for repair.
What size are your feet, measured on a brannock device ?
Do you have different sized feet ?Can you feel a difference in the boots in the troublesome area ?These boots are available in half sizes and any minor slop can be addressed by thickness of sock and/or an additional insole.
Probably not.Pinching pain, as in your boots are too small ?
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