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Half sole now or later - I personally don't think there is an advantage and where I grew up it was customary to wear the shoes for a while before taking them to the cobblers for Topys. Not sure if there is any science behind that, it was just what was done. Vibram soles - If a cobbler stocks Vibram dress soles, they should be able to order anything from the Vibram catalogue. US catalogue is online - http://www.vibram.com/vibramrepair/cat_pdf/cat_US.pdf - ad the thickness...
Many have done it. Replacing a rubber sole is going to be cheaper than replacing a leather one. Can also help with grip.
The snow seems to have turned the OG bag you started out with to more of a tan colour How's it doing as a working camera bag ?I like the big mouth to the bag, but would like to see it have slightly larger dimensions for my needs.Nice sky shots. A lot of people shy away from pointing a lens at the sun for fear of flare, circles and other potentially bad things, but you can get some nice results and in these days of digital and post processing there is really nothing to lose.
FWIW The sno-seal website mentions the use of an oven to pre-heat the oven. They also provide some logic as to why this could be preferential to the use of a hair dryer/hot gun:
@JjasonL Thanks for posting the images of the DIY half sole application and well done on a serviceable outcome. It will be interesting to see if there is any lift as they wear. I can see that the trimming could be tricky and not having access to a rotary buffer is a disadvantage. Purely a cosmetic issue, and one that will likely be a non-issue after a bit of wearing.
Inner city cobblers generally have higher costs, so their prices can be a little higher than out in the sticks.FWIW Here is a chap adding half soles to his 1Ks - http://halfsoles.com/how-to-glue-a-half-sole/ - and here he is repairing them a few months later - http://halfsoles.com/how-to-repair-a-half-sole/[Yes, I realise he used less glue on the right boot]Note the use of the original formula yellow barge cement, not the blue stuff.Cobblers will generally have access to...
That is craziness, from a business perspective and explains the high cost = labour intensive.
This sir, is a heavily used and restored Filson bag that was originally retailed sometime in the late 20th to early 21st century. While we do not have a full and detailed provenance for any individual bag, we feel confident that it was used to carry items such as clothes, books, laptop computers and the like. The modern upgrades, which include a YKK zipper and 'Made at Filson' label fully complement the original materials and do not detract from the functionality or the...
Measure your current bag. Determine what additional volume you require. Find Filson bag that meets your needs.
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