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First off, fantastic write up.When using the shoulder strap do you wear it across the body or just hanging from one shoulder ?When I am in Road Warrior mode with a full 258 then wearing across the body is easier and less painful for me. Maybe not a neat looking as off one shoulder, but certainly more comfortable.As the Filson thin strap and pad that is prone to slip can be annoying at times, some folks also replace the strap with something wider to spread the weight.
Not wishing to appear rude or repetitive here, but all that is required is to cut down the long strap and to punch some additional holes. My local cobbler charges US$8 for this to new customers and somewhat less for those of us that frequent him more often.
I will wager that it not end well if the OP buys off the shelf RMW.
Different leathers will crease differently of course, but perhaps these boots are simply not for you.
You want the boots to crease, to mould to the way in which your foot bends as you walk. Boot trees may help minimise the creasing and help the boot keep its shape, but once worn the creases will be obvious.If you want a smooth finish, you are best looking for a material which will crease less.
You have to think about the balance of the pack if you are carrying it for any length of time. If you have a big heavy tripod, like me, then putting on the side of the pack could be a bit of a pain after a while. My preference is to have heavy items at the top of the sack, so I'd consider putting the tripod there, but that could impact the ability to get into and out of the top pocket.
Decent full size tripods tend to be big, heavy and/or unwieldy, so hanging one off a back pack without dedicated loops could be interesting. Should be possible to jury rig something using things such as carabiners and some velco straps and attaching to the straps of the backpack. Either that or go to a cobbler and ask them to attach straps to the bag for you.Maybe consider a tripod strap?
Could you (or a cobbler) not have cut the longer strap down to a suitable length and then punched some more holes in it ?
Can't you chaps work it out from the dimensions given on the Filson website ? Find something of a similar size and try it on do some test packing.Using the search functionality of the forum and plugging in such searches as 'duffle contents' and 'duffle small medium' should give you posts where people list what they have fit into their bags.Subjective answers as to what looks big/small on someone really can never be truly be answered on an internet forum, even with pictures.
If you are unhappy with them, then return them.
New Posts  All Forums: