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There really is no secret to a shine - wax + elbow grease. Maybe use a neutral wax until you know what you want to do with the colour.
No experience with the aforementioned products, but if you wish to change the colour of your boots and add a shine a little, then a decent polish is the obvious way to go. The trick is to choose a colour that when applied to your boots will result in a colour that is acceptable.Choose a good brand of polish without harsh ingredients and use it religiously once a week for a month or two without conditioning to see how the colour and shine develops. Hopefully, you will get ...
If you read it on the internet it must be true. Can you return for exchange for a larger size ?
I cannot believe that is correct. Maybe call back to see if you get a different rep or if you get the same ask for shift manager.
Sounds like they are too small for you as these boots run thin.
Obvious thought, but are you loosening the laces enough ?Maybe try a pair of non-waxed laces that will slip through the holes a little easier.
Acid rain is attacking your jeans - apply liberal coats of LP now !!!!
The OCD in me is screaming out for a detailed look at all the variations in Filson tags that have been used through the years. Some iconic US brands have a cult following in Japan and there are mooks (magazine - books) for that market that can be chock full of old photos and adverts, along with some rudimentary historical research. A mook on Filson would be interesting to see, particularly if it were in English. I wonder if Filson have an archive department ??
For water to bead off you are going to have to apply a lot of wax as can be seen here. Personally, I don't like my luggage looking like that, so don't apply as much wax.Maybe look at something like Nikwax Wax Cotton Proof as that does promote beading.
Agreed. For such an iconic article as the 256, which is USA made, I'd hope to see a little bit more than terse 'Made at Filson'
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