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Pretty much
For Steamrice, my approx 18 year old Gardener boots that have recently been polished with some kiwi. These boots have been resoled, not by RMW and have been repaired in the toe box.
What is uncomfortable about the toe box, I'm assuming not wide enough ?You seem to have done what is normal when this happens - wider fitting and/or larger size. Sometimes a certain boot will not simply not be right for your feet and you do have to move on and try something else.
That gives me time to save my pennies for them The seasons in Oz (being in the southern hemisphere) are the opposite of what they are here in the US, so winter 2016 would be summer 2016 here up here ?Seems a long way out to be teasing with new lines.
I need another pair of boots like San Francisco needs another coffee shop, but those rough outs are growing on me ....I wonder of bootsonline has them ...Must resist ...Willpower failing.....
Function follows fashion .................................
Different people have different gaits, so the wear on the heels and soles will vary. You do not always see the heel wear through to the leather before they are in need of replacing andI would say that those need replacing. You can get your boots re-heeled without getting a complete resole.
Thanks for the update. If you apply neatsfoot oil please let us know what colour change happens. Be careful when buying neatsfoot oil, check the ingredients and look for 100% neatsfoot oil. Fiebings do a 100% pure neatsfoot oil that is widely used for horse tack.
"You don't know shit from Shinola"That is apparently the reason.
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