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I'm going to have to disagree. I think it a tan bag with some combination of bad lighting, bad white balance and/or bad editing. The difference between the colours of the fabric and the leather is too much for it to be a brown bag. Anyways, whatever colour it is, it is not representative of the brown colour.
I'd say the photo is of a tan bag, not an OTTER GREEN, despite the auction text indicating brown.
The dimensions of the 257 and small duffle are given on the Filson website. Have a look and determine if the size and capacity fits your needs, as well as those of the airlines that you will be travelling with. The 258 padded briefcase may also be something to look at. Some don't like the front pocket, but the padding could be a good thing for your camera equipment. If the back is more of a carry-on bag than a camera bag, be sure to factor in some good padding for your...
I use a 232 medium field bag for my photographic gear and dpending on what padding you use to protect your camera and lens the indicated load should fit if the jacket is not too bulky.Contents are stored kinda sorta like this:In the body of the bag - Nikon FX body + kit lens + large zoom lensIn the front pockets - batteries + charger + spare cards + lens cloth + small light meter (Sekonic L-308) + notebook + pen/pencil + torchUnder leather straps on the front of the bag -...
Above is a shot of a 257 with 2 boxes that were close to hand. The dimensions of the boxes are - black/red = 8,25"x 3.75" x 6.5"; black = 5" x 3" x 4.75" which are smaller than the given dimensions of your items ( 7,5''W 2,8''H x D x 4,3'' and 9,8''W 9,4''H x 5.1 x, D.), so I would say that the 257 is not going to work for you. Perhaps the tote, or a duffle ?With a duffle bag, my preference, it is going to be far easier to fit everything in, without fear of running out of...
Interesting to see the shape of the toe box on the Peru boots.
Always a good way to open a conversation Are you limiting yourself to the 256/257/258 range of briefcases, or would you also consider other style of bags ?Some folks use the duffle bags as gym bags - small or medium would work for your load - but these are not going to be as formal/smart as a briefcase if that is a consideration for you.
Dents and dings like this are what give your footwear character. You will add more to your shoes as you wear them in the real world and they can easily be covered up.
Possibly true, depends on the conditions that exist in that city and through which the boots will be worn.In somewhere like San Francisco, where the worst you are likely to see is a heavy storm then something like Obenauf's is overkill. For somewhere like New York where you encounter snow, ice and slush then something like Obenaufs could be appropriate, but if you catch cabs everywhere and never slog through the snow, ice and slush then you may not need the big guns of...
The stitching will get darker and dirtier over time as you wear the boot. It will be a futile exercise to try and keep them clean and light.
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