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Always a good way to open a conversation Are you limiting yourself to the 256/257/258 range of briefcases, or would you also consider other style of bags ?Some folks use the duffle bags as gym bags - small or medium would work for your load - but these are not going to be as formal/smart as a briefcase if that is a consideration for you.
Dents and dings like this are what give your footwear character. You will add more to your shoes as you wear them in the real world and they can easily be covered up.
Possibly true, depends on the conditions that exist in that city and through which the boots will be worn.In somewhere like San Francisco, where the worst you are likely to see is a heavy storm then something like Obenauf's is overkill. For somewhere like New York where you encounter snow, ice and slush then something like Obenaufs could be appropriate, but if you catch cabs everywhere and never slog through the snow, ice and slush then you may not need the big guns of...
The stitching will get darker and dirtier over time as you wear the boot. It will be a futile exercise to try and keep them clean and light.
Cool!. The closest mine have been to Peru would have been a visit to the Cinema to see the Paddington movie
They claim to make them from parts from a number of bags, in which case it becomes very labour intensive - strip old bags down into component parts, determine what can be reused, repair those parts that need it, allocate recycled/repaired/new parts to form "new" bag, assemble new bag. The labour costs can quickly add up, so it may not be as profitable as at first thought. However, they have been doing it for a while through their various pop-up stalls, so it must be...
I grew up in and around London, where there were many good pairs of shoes that were well taken care of and resoled any number of times. There were certain rituals/rules that seemed somewhat commonplace - see below for a few relating to soles. Were they really effective in any way is at best conjecture and will be highly subjective, but people would follow them and their footwear would not self-destruct. In these days of cheap, throwaway fashion one wonders if such rituals...
Reddit seems to be the spiritual home for the use of coconut oil for shoe/boot care and, err, other things.
Reddit and not one mention of coconut oil .....
Glad you like the final reults
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