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Should have gone with white contrast stitching.
Dry humour falls flat once more. Forgot the emoticon.I work in an industry that has done a lot of outsourcing and have managed offshore teams and have seen the local results firsthand.Couldn't resist, just scanning some 35mm negatives from a decade or three ago.Sadly, I agree their quality of late seems to be well below par. Maybe a victim of their own success ?Not sure about "They could get better quality stuff outside the US". Their raw materials - mainly CXL et al. - is...
Style, quality and price be damned. Buy American.I used to say that about US cars. I know own a Jeep.
Any chance of making a matched pair out of the two pairs one wonders ?
I stand corrected.
Tricker's certainly do collabs with different soles, but the inside text never seem as basic as the one in the auction. [img] I'd say nothing to do with Tricker's of Northampton.
Whats the relationship, if any, to the Tricker's we know and love ?Looking at the leather pad, they bear little relation to the insole on a pair from Northampton, other than the text and font of the text "Tricker's". There is a EU registered trademark for that wording and they have a UK trademark for a version with a font, but not the one used below.
Well done. Well worth the time, effort and pain.
As if that bag needs more character!I applaud you for the DIY approach and am looking forward to the final results.
Stick to Tricker's Never buy a shirt that does not have spare buttons (of all sizes) stitched onto them. I'm surprised that RRL shirts don't have them, but it has been very long since I have bought any RRL shirts. Cost-cutting measures.
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