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Looks like the foam separated. If there is some loose foam you may want to remove that before applying the glue. FYI Gorilla glue expands as it cures - 3 to 4 times the amount applied. Be sure to weigh the pad down evenly to ensure it penetrates both surfaces.
Blundstone style 059 is a dressier looking boot with square chiseled toe and less chunky sole.Why not get a heavy boot for the commute and leave the dress shoes/boots at work, changing at the start and end of the day?
Hmm maybe not as the strap doesn't attach at the sides.
Is that a blue 257 I see in the Hyundai world cup advert - the one with the chap trying to get home from the office without finding out the score ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUclvaAJAzo Edit - It's a Hyundai and not ESPN ad.
In the wild, my 232 doing service as a camera bag. Seems overkill considering the size of the camera My son getting close to the dreaded 'encroaching camera strap' shot that all users of non-TTL cameras know and, err, love. Mono lake as background bokeh.
Cool. Curved shape or straight ?I seem to recall an old image of a briefcase with a custom strap that was curved and it looked as if it would be pretty comfortable when carrying a heavy road warrior load in the 257/8.
Where did you get the strap - custom-made or off another bag ?
http://horween.com/history/boondockers/Replica by Viberg from the above
So, less 'fragile' flesh side out ?
Fragile ?Tell it to the MarinesSeriously
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