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Beer carriers. One for a slab and the other for a few stubbies,
Assuming that the polish is coloured, it is more likely to be the conditioner. I'd try using just the polish for a while to see if that help. I'm not sure what is in the RMW conditioner, but leaving it to dry and soak in for 12+ hours does seem to be a bit excessive. When I use a conditioner, I apply it in thin coats and let it soak in for a few minutes (and sometimes - mainly when using HDLP on boots - help it with a hair dryer) and then wipe it off. Be careful not to...
I think that is going to depend a lot on you and your fashion. They are a chunky shoe for sure, but I don't see why hey couldn't be worn with a respectable pair of shorts if you have the physique and fashion sense to carry it off.
The 10s are interesting for sure and I'd not accept those. Wolverine have done the right thing though, sold them as seconds for others to retail. The 9.5a look good, within the bounds of acceptability for me.
Oh wow, that is a very interesting picture. It does look like the polish or conditioner could be drying and flaking as the leather creases. When you condition and polish do you make sure that all of the excess is removed from the leather ?
Yes and there are many reasons to do so - examples : frees up both hands, keeps bag off the ground where it could get dirty and wet, carry more weight spread over larger area via shoulder pad, more secure when worn across the body - but ultimately it will be a personal choice.
Water damage and salt staining can occur just where the leather is creased or abraded. Does the white stuff appear only after the boots get wet ? I'd hope that conditioners and polishes do not break down in this way, but does beg the question as to what conditioner and polishes you are using ? If it is salt/water damage, then you need to make sure that the leather is protected against water incursion and well as conditioned. If your current conditioner does not help with...
Of the 256 or 257 I would go with the larger 257 to have more room so as to help avoid creasing the jacket too much. Having said that a stock 256/257 may not be a good choice as they will tend to move around on the strap a lot even when worn across the body, which seems a safer thing to do when cycling. Taking off the leather pad or using a wider strap may help reduce this..
Of course. If you want to preserve the 'this is how they have aged and worn' look then a neutral polish will help do that. Obviously, there will be no colour pigments to hide blemishes and promote a deep shine, but a neutral polish will work for protection and shine.
This ?I'd be interested too
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