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1 f*cks given ?Send them back as they will only get worse. Even if you find a good way to mask and match the area it will be a never ending job as new areas rub off.The STP seconds crapshoot continues.
They do look pretty good, better than than the Red Wing 8173 that they remind me of.
Unless you want the small volume and/or the Horween packaging it is cheaper to buy elsewhere in larger quantities.http://www.zoesmfgco.com/~shop/venetian-shoe-cream/225167/?catId=41761.http://www.foresupplyco.com/productDetail.asp_Q_catID_E_48_A_subCatID_E_55_A_productID_E_703_A_ZOES_Venetian_Shoe_Cream_E_ZOES_Venetian_Shoe_Cream.A 32 fl oz tin will last you a lifetime, unless you have more footwear than Imelda Marcos
Go for the full monty 252. Plenty of room and no pesky cloth dividers. Heavy durable and way better as a self-defense weapon than any of the canvas bags.
Get the 258 for travel as it is better to have too much room than too little and it will fit into overheads and under seats. Some people don't like the front pocket, but I like it to store the items that I need to access quickly - TSA compliant ziplock with liquids, etc.
The truth is, there is no one single perfect bag for all occasions and that is why we *need* multiple Filson bags. Using this simple logic one can justify the ever expanding collection to the spouse. Hint - Stick to one colour as they will all look the same to the untrained eye, allowing the additional one or two to go unnoticed.
That was me yesterday. Shorts, Blundies and a lawn mower.I do however wear them with shorts quite often. Wool sock rakishly turned down at the top of the boot.
There are not many types of footwear that will be destroyed after 10 days of walking around. Your boots will be fine and will even survive rain and mud.
Looks like oil finish field/messenger and tote bag with protective lining and molle straps.Surprised there is a buckle, which is going to be slower to open and close than a plastic snap closure. Getting in and out of the bag quickly and safely is generally a requirement for photogs.
Yeah, sorry i was in a strange mood last night.It really is not going to be possible for us to tell the integrity of the stitching from even the detailed pieces that you posted. The loose stitching can be trimmed, some glue applied and then pushed into one of the holes with a pin, needle or awl. This will only help with the cosmetics, not necessarily with the strength of the stitching. Maybe take them to a cobbler to seek their opinion or just exchange them if you are...
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