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I wear a UK 9.5 Grasmere boot (4497 last) , UK 9.5 Ilkley shoe (4444 last) and wear a US 11 Red Wing 875
Washed or not, the leather needs some TLC for sure
Reading the description of that item - and I'm not sure why I missed it earlier - it does state that they are Talon zippers. It has been quite a while since Filson has used those.
No obvious tags on them. No real description on them being new or used or washed. Would be interesting to know what they sell them as.If the zip pullers say FILSON then one would have to say that they are likely new. Also a good area to look at would be the leather straps where they feed through buckles to look at the wear and stretch in this area - bottom right of photo.Edit. There does look to be a tag on the left of the OG bag. Display models ?Edit 2. The more I think...
Thank gawd for that !Looking at the one you link to. That's kind of how they age, look back through this thread for similar examples. Small details, such as the manufacturer of the zip pulls will help age the bag - vintage vs new and washed. When the bags age they can take on a darkish sheen from wear (and I'd guess the wax) and it may be that vintage bags are washed to help remove this and freshen them up. The leather on that looks to be bone dry, which could just be a...
Perhaps you should consider buying one of the slim fit, pre-aged Brooklyn hipster range, rather than going through all the hassle yourself ?Available as collabs with a number of select raw denim makers to get just the right tone of indigo bleed.If you persist in this madness endevour.Take off the leather shoulder strap. The handles are not removable and all leather will need to be reconditioned after the wash.Depending on the wash the fabric may shrink and it may or may...
If that is your only qualm about the boots then I'd advise you to keep them. Apply some boot conditioner and leather polish and forget about it. The tongues are going to look a whole lot worse after some wear. The back of the hook eyelets and laces will dig into them and cause rings, stripes and all manner of cuts and creasing. Have a look at the tongues in Crane's post
About what ?
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