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Shell Cordovan
Taking one step back here.The soles were shaved and a vibram half-sole attached by a previous cobbler. Did you or the previous cobbler apply any conditioner or oil to the sole of the boot, causing it to become saturated prior to the application of the half-sole ?You ask, if you can wear the boots without a half-sole. The answer is yes and they will wear down as fast as an unshaved boot given the same factors - wear, environment, etc. Eventually, the leather sole will wear...
Yet in an earlier post you state "The cobbler is not the issue here, but the fact the leather is not conducive to adding a vibram sole because the glue will not stick.Splitting hairs I know, but people have been sticking these soles to leather for decades now.Where I come from we wear the shoes/boots for a while to get some wear on the leather sole, check the phase of the moon (must be waxing) and then take them to the cobblers. I've not had a problem. The wear is likely...
Yet in an earlier post you state "I know there are others who have had no problems with the vibram soles,"
It should be pretty easy for a cobbler. leather worker or even yourself to make.
Why would a thicker sole adhere any better ?Try another cobbler.
Oh, hey maybe they are real workboots now.
It's like Christmas, it gets earlier every year !The Jimmy Jazz site has other filson luggage - rucksack, rolling carry on - on sale, none of which can seemingly be found via a search of 'filson'. I see it in the scrollable 'recommended' items, but not via a search.Edit - The briefcase is OOS.
So those boots are less than 6 months old ? Wow. Not knocking your choice of footwear, but to be honest I would have thought that a good pair of wellies or some, *cough*, real work boots would be better/cheaper in the long run.
Link broke .. attempting fix ...
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