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Not normal. I would not have expected to see this after carrying an empty 257 for a short length of time. Contact Filson support and see if they will ship you a new pad.
Not looking too bad at all.
Post images. It would be intetesting to see the results. I wonder if using a hair dryer would help dry the oil and help lighten the colour ?
It didn't look aged after 4 years of use ?Filson oil is a liquid, the LP is more of a paste. Of the two I suspect that the LP will be better for use on canvas as the oil, IMHO, will simply saturate the fabric. If you intend to use Filson wax, why use the obenaufs on the fabtic ?FWIW - I use Obenaufs on the leather of my bags and I make my own DIY Greenland wax - using beewax and paraffin wax - for the fabric.The Greenland wax cools to a solid wax and I then apply it in...
Absolutely. I use obenaufs on mine.
All boots will change colour over time, mostly getting darker as they age, gather dirt and dust and are affected by the dyes and other things in polishes and conditioners. You could try using such things a venetian shoe cream and neutral polishes to retain a lighter colour, but ultimately they will darken over time.CXL gets a bit lighter when pulled or pressed, so a lighter colour on the toe caps could be expected as the leather is stretched and pulled a little to form the...
If you search this thread you will find that some have encountered this issue and other have not. Common responses are 'find a different cobbler' or 'use a different adhesive'.Is it a really heavy sole or a light, thin one ?My formula has always been to wear a new boot/shoe for a few weeks to get some wear on them (and possibly to leach out any leather oil from the sole, although this is not something I think of) and then to take them to get Topy'd.
Looking at images on the internet can be confusing as there are a lot of variables - what was the lighting in the images used, was the camera meter calibrated - 18% grey or ANSI, was any post processing performed, is your monitor correctly calibrated, etc. Roll into that such things as there will always be variations in the way leather accepts dyes and your perception of colour is subjective and differs from others, and it all becomes a crapshoot.In my experience the brown...
and a non-date sub
The problem of a sliding shoulder strap pad is, unfortunately, well known in these parts. The original pad was a simple one piece of leather as can be seen in this post - http://www.styleforum.net/t/133759/filson-bag-thread-with-pictures/4185#post_7440912 - and in my experience does not slip as much as the newer, two piece pad. Looking at the two piece pad there is a layer of plastic foam and I can't help but think is somewhat responsible for the slipping. I wonder if it...
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