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I'm with dukerules, they will soon be discoloured as they gather dirt and dust from regular wear as well as polish from cleaning.
You sure that is red wing ? There looks to be a green label on the outer tongue of the right boot, which doesn't look right for a RW. Maybe a semi-circle Irish setter label from the 1990's, but where these on the outer side of the tongue ?
Obviously, you know your feet best, but I would have thought that if you have really flat feet you likely will need some form of an insert or insole. Inserts and inoles come in various lengths - full, half-length, heel pad, arch support pad, etc.
Sounds like you need an insole that provides arch support and some heel padding.Looking at the image that you have provided, you are lacing your boots loosel, which is not going to help at all with foot slip and movement.I would try some insoles and lacing your current boots tighter to see how they feel before buying any new boots or sizing down.
Local shops come in many flavours - the good, the bad and somewhere in between!There should be no reason that a good local cobbler, leather worker or similar could not repair the bag. However, finding a good local person to do the work is not always easy, so look for local rating and review sites and sources.
If you are getting toe rub now, what will it be like when you have been walking all day and your feet expand a little ?In my book, it is better to have slightly too much space than too little as you can adjust using thicker socks and/or some form of insole.Fatigue shortly after wearing is not good, especially as you have owned the boots for a year and they should be broken in. What type of fatigue are you experiencing ? It may be that a gel insole or something with more...
Please post images, it will be interesting to see the differences.
That's pretty sad, if true. I've just had to cancel a trip to Filson and was intending to head to their store and HQ to have a look at some of the new lines. I have no NF items to compare to the old that I have. One of my favourite Filson items is the double leather belt, I hope they haven't altered them.Looking at the Filson website, they use 22oz rugged twill on their briefcases, which is the same weight as was used the 'old' briefcases. The weight of the cloth (I'm...
I suspect that the 232 will not be large enough for you, particularly your winter needs. My gym kit + water bottle + small towel pretty much fills my 232.The 240 is slightly larger - 232 is 14" W x 11" H x 5" D and 240 is 15" W x 11 1/2" H x 5" - but winter clothes can be bulky, so I suspect something larger may be better - 257 or 258 would offer a good bag with fairly formal looks for the office.
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