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Please post images, it will be interesting to see the differences.
That's pretty sad, if true. I've just had to cancel a trip to Filson and was intending to head to their store and HQ to have a look at some of the new lines. I have no NF items to compare to the old that I have. One of my favourite Filson items is the double leather belt, I hope they haven't altered them.Looking at the Filson website, they use 22oz rugged twill on their briefcases, which is the same weight as was used the 'old' briefcases. The weight of the cloth (I'm...
I suspect that the 232 will not be large enough for you, particularly your winter needs. My gym kit + water bottle + small towel pretty much fills my 232.The 240 is slightly larger - 232 is 14" W x 11" H x 5" D and 240 is 15" W x 11 1/2" H x 5" - but winter clothes can be bulky, so I suspect something larger may be better - 257 or 258 would offer a good bag with fairly formal looks for the office.
Very good motives for retain rather than replace. I actually feel exactly the same about footwear, as I am loathed to throw them away unless they are truly past the point of no return.
Just to be clear, the image is not of my actual boots.
I'm pretty sure that if the bag is new and is not a second then it will be covered. Years ago, I bought an all seasons raincoat from an ebay seller that sometime later developed a problem with some stitching coming loose around one of the pocket studs. Filson repaired it at no cost, with no questions asked about where it was purchased.
This post and the below image will give you an idea of how the zug-grained Grasmere boots tend to wear and age. My Grasmere boots have aged in a similar fashion, with the grain still very visible. I wonder how the grain would respond to the hot spoon/burning and bulling regimen so beloved in days past for cheaper leather ammo boots
If it has been rubbing against something for the best part 2 years, then it seems reasonable that it could wear through like that. If this were the case I would have thought that there would have been visible signs of wear prior to the hole fully appearing. Jeans often have metal rivets which could increase the rate of wear and acts as snag points.I'd hope that Filson (new or old) would repair rather than replace if that is the only damage.
Amazing transformation. Was there any temptation to buy a new pair, rather than do a full resole of that standard ?
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