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Sounds like you need a slightly larger boot to accommodate the insole.Third time's a charm.
Sorry dupe.
Either in the front pocket or inside the bag depending upon how much free space there is available.Trapezoid. No. Are you sure you are packing the bag correctly ?FWIW I do use such things as packing cubes (Eagle Creek pack-it) and old crampon bags to organise things within my bags which will also help the bag keep shape.
I just used a 500ml Kirkland (Costco) thin walled plastic bottle of water with an approximate diameter of 2.5". It will fit into the pockets of the 258 and 257, but not the 256.
Anyone know the dimensions of the new 72 hr briefcase ? Looks like a 256 with pockets thrown onto the front. If it has the same amount of padding as the 258 how much room is left in there ?
It does look nice.
What sort of a finish are you looking for ?The obvious answer is to use either a neutral or #8 coloured polish, but you may want something different.Here is something that may help and shows the saphir coloursBurgundy for the win methinks. Different products may/will have slightly different colouring.
I would say so as they will be able to order them from Filson directly.
Yes, it gets better with age.Personally, I apply as much leather conditioner - I use Lexol as it leaves a nice dry finish - as the strap and pad will take, load up the bag a little and then leave over a chair back.
I think a bag in black has my name on it eventually, but the truth be told I need another Filson bag like California needs another coffee shop.
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