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Just over 1.5 decadeshttp://www.styleforum.net/t/21179/rm-williams-boots-everything-you-wanted-to-know/3030#post_5729324
The label indicates heavy tin cloth, maybe it is heavier than the 12.5 oz used on the jackets ?
It could be the end of the road for these boots. The inner toe box lining has given way and something that feels like a bit of plastic is now digging into my toes. I'll take them to my favourite boot doctor and see what they say and see how much it will cost. They have had a good innings and if it's a reasonable cost repair I will keep them, otherwise they will have to go and I'll look for a new pair of RMW.
Physically, they look in pretty good condition. Soled look to have some mileage left and the leather will respond nicely to some conditioner and polish. Size 9 UK and regular width.$89 after shipping, which for me would be a little high for a well used shoe, but I'm a little fussy about what I put my feet in. Maybe make a lower offer.
Couple more shots of the 232 doing service as camera bag, day pack and bb gun rest.
Tin cloth.
You'd have to do some work and do some sums, but it may be cheaper if you buy in the US and have it delivered to the UK. Maybe look at one of the sales threads that have appeared on this thread in the past and do some sums.Look for some of the larger eBay sellers and see if they ship to the UK. Contact them directly and ask if they can offer a discount, you may get a response of 'give us a call to discuss'. Call them up and find out what price they can offer and what...
Hard to say. Saddle soap will generally remove dirt and once it dries the leather will look a little lighter, but applying a conditioner and/or some polish will help darken things back up.Excessive rubbing can certainly affect the leather either by burning or wearing through the top layer. However, if the indigo dye is well into the leather, then it is hard to see how you can remove it without some rubbing.Go gentle would be my advice, use a soft cloth and lots of saddle...
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