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Linseed oil does indeed have a distinctive aroma. The boiled dries faster than the raw, due to the solvent. I used raw on my SMLE stock (once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year and now once a year) but eventually switched to boiled.The manufacturer tins are, by and large, touch-up amounts and are quite uneconomical for rewaxing large areas. DIY is a good way to go.FYI - They recommend melting waxes gently using something like a bain-maire...
New Filson store in NYC may get/have them first.From http://www.filson.com/filson-life/2014/05/filson-new-york/http://www.filson.com/magnumIAP
Makes you wonder why waxed cotton replaced oil cloth for clothing back in the 20th century.Did you use raw linseed oil or boiled ?Boiled generally contains a solvent that allows it to dry faster than raw, not sure how that would react or remain with heating to mix with waxes.
That's why it is called a duffer, duff being slang for something that is inferior, useless or worthless Ahem. I need another coffee.Maybe try rewaxing the bag to see what that does to the colouring. My OG 232 field bag had lightened in colour after a few years use, with some edge areas having almost a pale yellow hue. Rewaxing with some home-made Greenland wax darkened things back up nicely. Not sure that this will return your bag to black, but worth a shot.
Tricker's Stow ?Bombproof. Just wear the hell out of them. It'll still take a time, but it will be worth it at the end of the day
Please don't crush the toe box. Quite aside from the possibility of damage to the integrity of the boot it makes my puppy dog cry when people do such things. Just wear them as is, once they have a bit on London wabi on them they will look just fine.
I think that is partly the dilemma of these boots. The MSRP and Wolverine's marketing placement is above that of a work boot, but below that of a true dress boot. People's expectations are accordingly across the board
Talking of comfortable boots. 7 year old Blundstones in need of a retread as the soles are now thin and split.
Send them back and ask to be reimbursed for the cost of the Topys !
Maybe I should have said "I treat all my boots like foremans boots", which is pretty much what the Beckman is meant to be.I'd still be returning the 1Ks to Wolverine rather than letting them just sit there. The more people that do that with sub-standard boots, they more they are likely to feature on a bean counters report.
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