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Vibram catalogue - http://www.vibram.com/vibramrepair/catalogo.php?id_categoria=5&livello=2&categoria_master=4 Some items are country specific. There is also a PDF version for download at the top right of the page
Pretty sure that my 257 and 258 have carried that on business travel.
The photos are of real bags, as they are taken from the filson.com site - http://www.filson.com/products/original-briefcase.70256.html
Socks are like spaghetti, throw them against the wall and if they stick it is time to change them
Nordstrom has a pricing policy that is clearly defined on their website.
http://brannock.com/cgi-bin/start.cgi/brannock/history.htmlThird paragraph
Return to seller and eat the restocking fee ?
In this case it sounds to be more a question of the standard and finishing of the stitching than the weight that can be carried per se. Maybe ask them to double stitch these area, just in case you ever do attempt to carry a moose.
At least we are not alone in our rubber coating woes - http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/1d2ya0/brand_new_wolverine_1ks_went_to_the_cobbler_and/
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