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It is very bright as it is the safety/hunters/blaze orange that is used when hunting. The theory being that the colour doesn't occur in nature and the game being hunted don't really register it as a bright colour, so wearing it and marking your location using coloured tape or cloth makes you more visible to other hunters and thus less likely to suffer a blue on blue (or is that orange on orange) incident. Filson makes hunting clothes using this colour material
The dark patch, is it simply leather that has been discoloured by dirt and moisture that went in through the hole, or is it somehow worse than that ?If it is just discoloured then I don't see why letting it dry out and putting another rubber covering over it would be harmful.
If you only ever buy from retail stores, then you may well miss out on lower prices. Nothing wrong with that of course, but there are many reputable sellers who are online only. To be honest, that auction looks OK to me Good clear images of the product - obviously stock images and not of actual pair of boots that you will receive. Very clear instructions about refunds and exchanges. 18,705 feedback of which 98.8% is positive Member since 04/2006 Lots of recent...
Coconut oil wars. Welt wars. Same old, same old. It'll blow over in a time. Until then, put the blackout curtains over the windows, keep the tin hat and gas masks close to hand, hunker down and think of Eng-er-land (particularly Michaels Road, Northampton and Jermyn Street, London)
I'm going to have to disagree. I think it a tan bag with some combination of bad lighting, bad white balance and/or bad editing. The difference between the colours of the fabric and the leather is too much for it to be a brown bag. Anyways, whatever colour it is, it is not representative of the brown colour.
I'd say the photo is of a tan bag, not an OTTER GREEN, despite the auction text indicating brown.
The dimensions of the 257 and small duffle are given on the Filson website. Have a look and determine if the size and capacity fits your needs, as well as those of the airlines that you will be travelling with. The 258 padded briefcase may also be something to look at. Some don't like the front pocket, but the padding could be a good thing for your camera equipment. If the back is more of a carry-on bag than a camera bag, be sure to factor in some good padding for your...
I use a 232 medium field bag for my photographic gear and dpending on what padding you use to protect your camera and lens the indicated load should fit if the jacket is not too bulky.Contents are stored kinda sorta like this:In the body of the bag - Nikon FX body + kit lens + large zoom lensIn the front pockets - batteries + charger + spare cards + lens cloth + small light meter (Sekonic L-308) + notebook + pen/pencil + torchUnder leather straps on the front of the bag -...
Above is a shot of a 257 with 2 boxes that were close to hand. The dimensions of the boxes are - black/red = 8,25"x 3.75" x 6.5"; black = 5" x 3" x 4.75" which are smaller than the given dimensions of your items ( 7,5''W 2,8''H x D x 4,3'' and 9,8''W 9,4''H x 5.1 x, D.), so I would say that the 257 is not going to work for you. Perhaps the tote, or a duffle ?With a duffle bag, my preference, it is going to be far easier to fit everything in, without fear of running out of...
Interesting to see the shape of the toe box on the Peru boots.
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