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Filson now have three versions of the 'original briefcase' - see below - and if it wasn't navy blue in colour I would wonder if you had a 71053 with thinner storm flap. Is it a collab 256 or a 'pure' Filson 256 ? 70256 - 22-oz. Rugged Twill + Bridle Leather 7015 - 15-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth + Bridle Leather 70153 - 22-oz. Rugged Twill + 15-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth 22-oz of twill is an areal density of the material - The number refers to the weight in ounces of a given...
A cobbler can fix that pretty easily.With seconds it is a crap shoot as to what the problems can be - blemish to leather, bad stitching, weak batch of glue/cement, etc, etc.
To summarise, the size 8.5 felt a little too big, the size 8 were too tight, so you ordered a size 9, but think that the size 8 would work best ?Given you measure approx. 8.75 and your past experiences I'd think that 8.5 would be the way to go. A little too big is going to be better than too small as you can use thicker socks and/or insoles.
I wonder if they have the lasts, which would be the main reason to go to RMW for repair.
What size are your feet, measured on a brannock device ?
Do you have different sized feet ?Can you feel a difference in the boots in the troublesome area ?These boots are available in half sizes and any minor slop can be addressed by thickness of sock and/or an additional insole.
Probably not.Pinching pain, as in your boots are too small ?
Thicker socks until the leather breaks in.Try a different lacing technique, not all will work well with the speedhooks of course,http://www.ehow.com/how_6008728_tie-british-army-boots.htmlhttp://www.instructables.com/id/Bar-Lacing/http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/lacingmethods.htmhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOE28brAcEc
Did RMW indicate that you should take them there ?
Not necessary at all. Some boots never see any polish only conditioner.
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