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They are not a safety boot and it would be dangerous to use them as such. There are far better choices of footwear when heavy and sharp objects are being swung around.
Give Filson customer care a call and let us know what you discover.
Having the shoes reheeled may provide you with a harder wearing heel. As has been mentioned it should not be necessary to replace the entire, seek another cobbler. I have a pair of vintage Florsheims with a metal v-cleat in the heel and they can be interesting to wear - noise, slip risk, damage to flooring, etc. Having a more substantial tap on the heel would not be for me.
Rather hard for some of us to touch the two, so having measurements will enable us to compare to other pieces such as my eons old example
Break out the calipers and measure the new vs the old thickness
Just back from a road trip vacation that included a stop off in Portland. Stops at the Filson store and both Voodoo Doughnut locations are de rigueur on these occasions, so I'm happy to report that the Memphis Mafia fritters are as delectable as ever and that, while I didn't have a lot of time in the Filson store as they were closing, I really didn't notice any great decline in quality in the classic lines of bags. Rather foolishly I didn't look for the cheapening of some...
Inconsistent use of additive vs subtractive numerals, specifically IIII vs IV ?From
An when you get to the hobby point you don't count, you weigh
Looking at #1 and #4.Try punching some more holes in the strap, which is an easy DIY job with the right tool or a cobbler should be able to do it quickly and cheaply.As you put more things in, it gets heavier ?No great surprise there, but unless you are spreading that load over a large surface area where it contacts your body (your hand in this case) it could become uncomfortable. This is where such things as the shoulder strap and pad or having a grip pad (as on the 257...
For sizing tips with arch measurement -
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