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Yeah, thinking back I may be wrong on how tight a fit is. I tried it once, decided it was not the best solution and moved on to the older camera bags.
The RB67 is a medium format camera, so it and associated lenses are very large. I have a 232 medium field bag and it just fits into the bag, but there is no room for a wrap or any other form of padding. In the end I found an old padded camera bag that fits the RB67 with lens and associated items. I use a strap to carry the tripod.RB67 + 90mm lens + Minox 35ML + Galaxy SIII with extended battery.
Sounds like time to find a better cobbler. Using review sites and apps such as Yelp! can help.
Looks to be a serious bag, with a cavenous capacity at reasonable cost, but I didn't seen an option for a sherpa to carry it once fully loaded!
If nothing else they do seem overpriced for my needs. The 6B67 + lens cost I may use a domke wrap or inserts to transform an old Timbuk2 messenger bag into a camera bag. Or scour CL for a suitable bag, I do like the lowepro backpack/slingbags.
Thanks. I just bought a photographic boat anchor, a Mamiya RB67, so I'm possibly in the market for a new camera bag.
Maybe they are in the process of moving, but no NYC store is given on the RMW site - http://www.rmwilliams.com.au/international/stores.html
The NYC store closed earlier this year. Not sure if there are any third party sellers.
Quite the bargain it seems.
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