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I always wear unconditioned for a few days and then go to cobbler for Topy application.
Look for another cobbler.
Get them resoled and have some Topy's applied if you are concerned about wear rate
Cost and the fact that I could make it myself from materials found locally.
It's just a nick that happened during the construction of the boot. You are going to get worse crossing the street and kicking a can.
Should be fine, not in a major flex area. A bit of polish and you will not notice it. If it bothers you return for exchange or refund.The regular never seems to darken significantly for me.
What is your foot sizing as measured on a Brannock ?
Just rewaxed my 232 with DIY Greenland wax - 90% Gulf paraffin wax & 10% beeswax - bars and a hair dryer. Several light coats soaked in very nicely and the OG that was looking a bit light has darkened and stiffened back up. Because you are using light coats of a solid wax it is easy to apply just enough wax so as to avoid a heavy wet look finish that I dread on the luggage. Very happy with the results and the darkening and stiffening of the material is something that you...
You bring the camel and the Lawrence props and we'll take some photos. Until then, unless there are photos then this did not happen
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