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Get metal heel taps and put on a topy.
Tanker boots don't have laces as they are a liability in tanks and other heavy machinery
By chance I am watching their zippered tote auction and the label looks to be not marked. Did your bag have the label crossed out or otherwise marked indicating a second ?The outlet in Burlington sells both end of line and seconds, indeed when I was there in the summer it seemed to be more end of lines than seconds - I assume that they were end of line as the labels were not marked.. I would imagine that the end of line items would get a Filson warranty, but didn't check.
Not a problem. You can trim and/or push the loose ends into the stitching holes.
Hmm, no option to request non-veiny bull penis leather. I think they missed an opportunity there.
I'm sure that pairs have been returned for less and I would return them as I prefer the creases in my boots to have been put there by me.
The Stows in Espresso Grain are on the Trickers website - http://www.trickers.com/stow-country-boot-2861.html?___store=default&nosto=nosto-page-category1 - but may be too far removed from what you are looking for.
Does a Stow in Espresso Grain fit the bill ?
Acorn Stow boots from retricker
So what are we talking here obsession, addiction or fetish ?
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