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You might try asking some of the more popular Tricker's retailers if they offer a discount for 5 pairs. The worst they can say is no.By and large, generally speaking shoe trees are shoe trees. Why not pick up some cheaper, more generic trees of good quality ?To my mind, there is nothing particularly special about the Tricker's shoe trees. Very few people will see them in use, so why not save a few beer tokens and put them towards another pair of Tricker's footwear ?
Gorgeous and they will look even better once they have some character after a few months of use.
Use a hard wax to lubricate
I don't think that it really matters, but I have always worn for a couple of weeks before getting the Topy applied.
The CXL boots are usually pretty well conditioned when you receive them, however if you feel that they are dry you can apply some conditioner. As I break in a boot I like to keep the stress points - where the creases are forming - conditioned, just in case.Dry conditions can also mean that you need to condition your boots as dust, like mud can suck the conditioner out of the leather. Hot climates can also mean that your feet sweat more, which can lead to salt leeching...
Thanks for posting the text as the online article requires a subscription. Interesting reading for sure.
To chisel or not to chisel toe, that is the question. I'm trying to decide which of two boots I am going to pull the trigger on - the Gardener boot or the Comfort All-Rounder. I have a pair of Yard boots (basically the same as the Gardener) in 10.5H and love the construction, heft of the materials and the room in the toe box However, I do like the sleeker lines of the chisel toe of the All-Rounders. So, a couple of questions: 1) Any substantial difference in the...
I never really try to colour coordinate or accessorise, per se, so mismatched bags would not worry me at all. Like everything in personal fashion the answer will come down to what you think looks right. Some people may prefer the standardised look of one colour and some, as you and I appear to be, appreciate the variety of the colours. Either way Filson luggage does look better with wear and I'm with Soletrane on the practical aspects of the darker colours. All bar one of...
I would head to the store and ask to speak to the manager about the issue(s).Make sure that you get the name of everyone you speak to and If you get no joy ask them for the best way to contact someone in customer relations at RMW HQ Be clear on what outcome you are looking for - restitching or replacement of the straps; replacement pair; refund. Be polite, remain calm and stick to your guns.The tag may simply be a production error - they ran out of the correct one and...
Return for refund/exchange.
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