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Boots were meant to be worn with thick socks, no ? I think this is a major reason that people advise others to go down in size, as they wear them with thin dress socks.
It used to be that I thought they were introducing new lines to help bring in new customers whilst keeping up standards. Sadly, it seems they are fully on the way to Eddie Bauer - isation.
Each to their own care regimen. As mentioned, Trick is to not over condition.
Generally speaking it is a good idea to condition boots before wearing them as you do not know how long or in what conditions they have been in storage before arriving with you.The trick is to not over condition them.
What was the problem with neatsfoot ?I've known people who have applied lots of neatsfoot during the break in period and later on complain that it made the leather permanently too soft.
Fingers crossed.
Just as many will appear in their end of line sales. I'd guess that they have their business folks looking at the sales figures and ROI for all of their new products. Some very will likely have a short lifespan.
Just over 1.5 decadeshttp://www.styleforum.net/t/21179/rm-williams-boots-everything-you-wanted-to-know/3030#post_5729324
The label indicates heavy tin cloth, maybe it is heavier than the 12.5 oz used on the jackets ?
It could be the end of the road for these boots. The inner toe box lining has given way and something that feels like a bit of plastic is now digging into my toes. I'll take them to my favourite boot doctor and see what they say and see how much it will cost. They have had a good innings and if it's a reasonable cost repair I will keep them, otherwise they will have to go and I'll look for a new pair of RMW.
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