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Regarding your issues I would recommend the obvious - get them fixed as soon as you can to prevent worsening of the situation. A decent local cobbler should be able to take care of both problems if you are unable or unwilling - local repair could simply be quicker cheaper than postage
A couple of week back my I was given a pair of Gardners bought from My brother was mightily impressed with their service. See if they are available on their website and drop them an email if not
It is pretty cool to be able to track your footwear as they wing their way to you. I've tracked a couple of pairs of Stows in the past 6 months and always get a kick out of it (no pun intended).
The OCD in me has to ask what is going on with the right boot in your last couple of images as the lower eyelets seem to be way above the vamp. Not laced up tightly or a camera angle illusion perhaps ?
I have a couple of NOS bags tucked away for when the last remaining offspring is kicked out flies the nest, heads to college and needs something to carry his books in. Hopefully he will like the Filson bags and he'll have a choice of a 256 or 257. Only time will tell.
Hello David,Thank you again for your excellent service repairing my Ilkley shoes in the first few days of the new year.My son and I safely back in the colonies and KINKY BOOTS is in the queue for viewing!
So my prior comment about these being for the well heeled biker was spot on.This post indicates they fit the same as the 4497. As does this post
Have a look at the sizing guide and measure your foot -
My first thoughts are heat or a solvent followed by a trip in a mud rich environment. Definitely in need of a full retread!
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