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I have a 232 and a 13" macbook air. The MBA without a cover or protective sleeve will just fit. I don't think that a 15" macbook pro would fit.
If you intend to wear them in the rain then consider putting some wax polish on after the Reno. If you are happy with the Saphir products then Reno and a polish should do you fine for pounding the city streets. If you are going paddling in the upside down river or facing really wet weather then maybe look at a throwing a waterproofing product into the mix. RM Williams also do some boot care products that are going to be cheaper than Saphir.Some people use shoe/boot trees...
Looking at https://www.wolverine.com/US/en/returns I don't see where exchanges are limited to only one time. Maybe call up Wolverine to confirm this.I find your first sentence in the quoted paragraph to be quite telling. Sounds like a return and you then ordering Indy boots may be the way to go.
RM Williams saddle and leather dressing. I have an old yellow can similar to this somewhere.
I would not accept that on a new pair of boots. Send them back
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Just noticed that my one of my Ilkley shoes is having a little wardrobe malfunction as some of the stitching is coming undone. I'm thinking that a decent cobbler should be able to take care of this, rather than having to return to the factory for repair. Thoughts on a postcard to the usual address.
Not fun for everyone I'm afraid to say.Maybe a few items from their range, but not all items as I think such things as denim briefcases and rucksacs would look a bit naff. Given the, err, current diversification of their catalogue I would imagine if the collab bags and their own denim jeans were good sellers that the penny would have dropped and they would sell such items. Until then we have rugged suede luggage items being introduced.
Any issues with indigo bleed you can foresee ?
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