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The Stows in Espresso Grain are on the Trickers website - http://www.trickers.com/stow-country-boot-2861.html?___store=default&nosto=nosto-page-category1 - but may be too far removed from what you are looking for.
Does a Stow in Espresso Grain fit the bill ?
Acorn Stow boots from retricker
So what are we talking here obsession, addiction or fetish ?
Filson are back to having an online digital catalogue - http://www.filson.com/monthly-catalog/#p=1 - that can be printed/saved to PDF.
@guttman - For the zip there were a couple of suggestions on the previous page - hard wax (such as candle wax) or graphite powder (from a pencil lead).
The toe cap is not as sleek as the chisel toed boots, but I would not say that it is bulbous. I have slightly wide feet and like to wiggle my toes, so I appreciate the extra room in the Gardener boots.
Not greasy kip, but how about the Lachlan ?
Thanks for the update. Sounds as if the machine operator had a bad day when making that pair. I'm sure that RMW would have replaced them if they had been told of this.The scarcity of the machines is the gating factor to having them re-screwed. I think I read somewhere that RMW have the only machine in Australia.
That is interesting and a little bit worrying. You do not explicitly state that the boots with the screw intrusion were RM Williams boot. Can you confirm what model they were and what the manufacturer had to say, assuming the problem was reported to them ?I have owned RM Williams boots with a screwed sole and it is basically a brass wire that is used. I can see that it could penetrate the inside of the boot, but I have never experienced that myself or heard of it...
New Posts  All Forums: