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Everything is kosher until you get a cease and desist.The below taken from http://instagram.com/brianthebootmaker and I like his line from one post "Bringing quality back to the U.S. one boot at a time."The more people that know you can resole a decent pair of the boots the better. Everyone should be thinking of their boots in terms of resoling them, at least, a couple of times before binning them.Find a good cobbler and keep them busy!
Have a good trip. Lets us know how comfortable you find the backpack straps and please check in over time as I'm curious how the navy blue colour ages over time. Oh, and in case you are driving the first rule of Italian driving is - What's behind me is not important (quote c/o gumball rally)
Varnish. Lots of varnish. Just hope it doesn't flake or peel when you stupidly forget to walk on your hands.
As a followup I took them to my favourite cobbler and a patch of leather cemented in place to cover the holes and the skived down at the edges seemed to be the best solution short of tearing the boot apart. It should give them a few more miles of life, which makes me happy.
I think you will find that there are a lot of similarities in all cases.Looks normal to me. Nice gentle creases, nothing tearing or cutting. Why one creases more than the other, well there are a number of factors there - your gait, they are potentially made from different hides, etc. If they trouble you take them back to the store and exchange for a new pair.
They have been in business a while. Quite when they jumped the shark is open to speculation, but I suspect that it was before your time.http://blog.seattlepi.com/bellevue-pi/2010/07/07/90-years-of-eddie-bauer-history-on-display-in-bellevue/
OMG. Methinks, we are about to discover how highly polished a pair of RMW can become!I wonder what the NSN of those boots will be ?Individual fitting sounds very un-army to me.
Embrace the coconut
Of course, simply use strips of kevlar reinforced leather with appropriately sized and spaced holes attached to the inside, covering the metal surrounds but allowing the laces to move freely. Ask your cobbler to attach the strips using rocking horse poop and left handed screwdrivers. You must then also lubricate the laces with nothing other than coconut oil for fearSeriously though, there is no real way to prevent this short of covering the eyelets or the tongue, which is...
New Posts  All Forums: