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Inconsistent use of additive vs subtractive numerals, specifically IIII vs IV ?From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_numerals
An when you get to the hobby point you don't count, you weigh
Looking at #1 and #4.Try punching some more holes in the strap, which is an easy DIY job with the right tool or a cobbler should be able to do it quickly and cheaply.As you put more things in, it gets heavier ?No great surprise there, but unless you are spreading that load over a large surface area where it contacts your body (your hand in this case) it could become uncomfortable. This is where such things as the shoulder strap and pad or having a grip pad (as on the 257...
For sizing tips with arch measurement - http://brannock.com/pages/instructions-fitting-tips
High-level review - You were measured in a store at 9.5, measured yourself as 9 and ordered an 8. The why could be answered by where the widest point of the last/boot is going to be on your foot on a size 8 boot compared to a size 9 or 9.5? Worry, well wearing any boots that are incorrectly sized is generally not a good thing. Do you feel any discomfort, rubbing or feeling that there is a lack of room in the boots ? Try ordering several pairs from an online source that...
Beer carriers. One for a slab and the other for a few stubbies,
Assuming that the polish is coloured, it is more likely to be the conditioner. I'd try using just the polish for a while to see if that help. I'm not sure what is in the RMW conditioner, but leaving it to dry and soak in for 12+ hours does seem to be a bit excessive. When I use a conditioner, I apply it in thin coats and let it soak in for a few minutes (and sometimes - mainly when using HDLP on boots - help it with a hair dryer) and then wipe it off. Be careful not to...
I think that is going to depend a lot on you and your fashion. They are a chunky shoe for sure, but I don't see why hey couldn't be worn with a respectable pair of shorts if you have the physique and fashion sense to carry it off.
The 10s are interesting for sure and I'd not accept those. Wolverine have done the right thing though, sold them as seconds for others to retail. The 9.5a look good, within the bounds of acceptability for me.
Oh wow, that is a very interesting picture. It does look like the polish or conditioner could be drying and flaking as the leather creases. When you condition and polish do you make sure that all of the excess is removed from the leather ?
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