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Tom Ford Private Blend Italian Cypress Split Prices include glass atomizer and shipping. 5ml: $22 10ml: $29 30ml: $69 100ml is already spoken for. Created especially for the Tom Ford store in Milan, this fashionable scent is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. The aromatic chypre contains notes of vibrant citrus, verdant basil and mint that meld with radiant wood. 'Private Blend is my own scent laboratory; it's where I have the ability to create very...
Quote: Originally Posted by thatoneguy they look like this now, about 1&1/2 years old, the toe looks kinda yellow in the pic but the back of the shoe is the correct color the pics on clarks website and such makes these seem really dark Nice. I really need to pick up a pair of desert boots. Still trying to decide on the color, but pics like these really help - thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by thatoneguy hi :> Ha, you're back! So, do your taupe suede db's really look lighter/warmer over time? I really like the way those look in that pic, but when I look at them online or in person, the taupes seem darker and less warm in color. In your pic, they look kinda like darker oakwoods. Thanks for posting the pics btw. The pics people put up of their worn boots add a lot to this thread.
It seems like beeswax is the most popular color, but I like the look of suede more. I feel like as suede ages it still looks fairly unique, while with beeswax, once they're worn in, they sort of look like any worn leather shoe/boot to me. Maybe this feeling would change if I bought a pair. Also, I like the idea of just beating the hell out of some suede db's and putting them in the wash - for some reason this appeals to me. By the way, do your taupes lighten up at...
Hi, first time posting, hope this goes well. Does anyone know what the going prices are for Clarks Bushacres found at Nordstrom Rack? Does DSW sell authentic Clarks Desert Boots, or are those Bushacres too? Also, I know this has been discussed to death, but what are your thoughts on Sand vs Oakwood vs Beeswax vs Taupe for colorways? I wear primarily dark denim; I don't really care how they might look with chinos/khakis. Thanks!
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