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xpost from apc thread
apc ps at 5mo. pre wash (sunlight) post wash (overcast) shitty iphone pics
PM sentgood call, thanks.
^^pretty accurate representation i did the same with my 009's. sized down and got the 28 ow for a slimmer fit. still considering a slight taper, though. i'm about 2 weeks in and so far so good, though i'm having a serious cock bulge issue (whatup colabear) and the way the lap creases are settling only seems to accentuate it. is this something that will go away with time? or does anyone know a good way to combat this?
i kopped the pbj xx009's recently and the width from the knee down isn't growing on me the way i had hoped. I am considering tapering them (i know, i should have bought the right cut to begin with) and had a few questions. can it be done while still maintaining the selvage? Is it something my local tailor would most likely fuck up and I should just send them to the denim doctor? also, how much would you guys recommend i taper?
another boring noob fit
curious about the correct Alden pronunciation. is it Alden like "you can call me Al"? or is it Alden like "all in the family"?
Quote: Originally Posted by ClassyCanuck Does anyone know where I could order laces like the ones on these snuff suede Indy boots from LS? I am looking for different colours. I believe these are waxed, right? Thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR +1. Also looking for Alden laces. Would appreciate the help order these from the Alden SF shop and ask for 54" brown flat cordo-hide laces. They are the dark...
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 I haven't experienced this 'problem' on my crepes - maybe not enought wear yet, but I've worn a pair of boots w/crepe all winter and they're holding up fine. Just use a stiff brush on the reverse chamois as needed - maybe a little spray if you like. Someone, maybe Steven at Leffot, said neatsfoot oil. Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab I wore my crepe soles today and though I do not like...
Thank you for the replys. I guess it's another -1 for crepe. I wasn't necessarily worried about their preformance yet, I just figured that at this rate of seperation the leather would be all but gone within a year. I was however pretty worried about people seeing this, now I can wear them with no shame. Another question, I've used the search function but can't seem to find anything. How is the reverse chamois or similiar rough out leather usually cared for? Any...
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