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when can we start to critique the poster for being poor, fat or possibly both at the same time based upon her choices of restaurants?
why would i say that i meant to say all poor people are drug addicted idiots not only only the back and brown that are poor. i would thingk it woudl be obvious because in the post i mentioned poor people not certain ethnicities or race. and yes if they cut back on malt liquor, weekly bond payment and eating out as well putting down the pipe the cost of the exams would not be prohibitive at all, they would save the 600 usd faster than it takes them plan their next liquor...
please explain what is offensive about this? no race religion or creed is mentioned nor attacked, no ill will or dreadful thought is in it. yes there is generalzation concerning a l socio economic class but other than it is fine....some thing i wrote could cross lines but this is not one of posts unless you are an utter pussy.and directed to a mod what is wrong with this post besides upsetting sensitives pussies?
the uni is in sonora...so i would think so.
not even as a corrupt cop?
how are places like cuba and argentina considered non western?
what will your gf do with you gone months at a time?
by vector calculusu you basically mean simple and advanced matrix usage, i assumed, if that is the case yes i did do it the 4th year of high school properly. Properl becaue my specifc topic of study the last 2 years was physics... but the othe other stuff he discussed ED, calculus, basic linear algebra were all part of the course. but ED came in the 5th year.
vector calculus is ot know by most in high school? for me it was a 4th year subject.
have you tried with a white man?
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