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Than you are missing some great deals for good things.
I actually use it quite often many smaller craftsmen of various trades use only facebook instead of setting up websites
I pull out 2 sub machines guns in a crowd during black friday i do not really need to aim...But that is neither here nor there. The basic idea is if a product is made i should be able to buy it or make one myself, if use against other people that is another question be it a hammer g3 or 3 kg of c4.
Well with fully auto assault rifles people could take out entire groups if people on crowded streets.... almost killing the same amount. You are either for freedom or not you clearly are not.
When is the last time youpaid for porn? And it is better to pay for everything in cash unless i am buying it online.
Only assault rifles... i want to see open carry of stingrays etc
If i wanted to do so I could find clothes that me in a regular store but off the rack is for poor people. #thinprivilege #classprvilege
Are you implying that michelle obama is hot.... This is a joke corrrect?
come one trump must have learned to box... every boy is takes boxing lessons for a timeAlso that is the fun... i doubt he would last more than 10 sec against me and I am not that good
I would pay to see to the last thing but only if it was a fight from which only one could come out alive
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