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Buzz Rickson watch caps versus Navy surplus. BR worth the higher price, or just paying for a name?
Wear them. They're sanforized. They'll stretch back to their original size.
If you go Baracuta, I would recommend oi polloi. Bought a G4 slimfit from them. Great service, surprisingly fast shipping, and about $100 cheaper than J Crew.
Those bitching about the APC cost increase seem to be falling into the same trap as those who bitched about the controversial Roy increase when SE began to carry Roy. Regardless of WHY APC increased the price of the jeans, the fact is that they REMAIN a reasonable buy even at $175 (even though I would probably go with something like 3sixteen or Crate, given the choice at that pricepoint). When they were at $105 the APCs were an outright STEAL. Doesn't mean that they are...
Can't argue with the fit or quality of APC denim. My NS are 3 years old and will continue to get regular wear. That said, the quality of the denim of my PBJs blows APC out of the water, and I am not an expert denimhead by any means. Like everything else, I suppose it comes down to how one values these types of things.
Just bought 007s as well. Soaked yesterday. Stiff as a board and tight as hell. These photos give me hope!
Bought my NS's 3 years ago at $145, which was still a relative bargain. Much better options at $185 price point such as left field, crate, 3sixteen, rogue territory, etc. IMO this is APC getting greedy with their heightened popularity. Too bad.
Picking up a pair of 007s, but I am having sizing issues, as well. My current APC NS measure at 36 at the waist, which is comfortable. I am thinking that the 36 OO7 one wash (which measure 36.5 according to Big) will be too loose once they stretch. Debating whether to go with the 34 one wash, which measure 34.5 according to BiG, or the 34 raw, which measure 37 in the waist pre-soak. Looks like the thigh and rise measurements are OK with me for either option. Any...
Can anyone vouch for the quality of the down vest? 30% off at the local Sears, so I was thinking about picking up. Certainly no CDW, but seems sufficient enough.
This one's easy. Get the one your fiancée wants. Mine wanted Tiffany. That's what I got.
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