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Kiehl's is definately the best.
Neiman Marcus Last Call
I have slightly oily skin and use Kiehl's Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer. I've used many brands and am happiest with this one.
I use Certain Dri and have recommended it to many people who love it. It's a little different since you use it only at night. It actually shuts down the sweat glands so that you will not sweat at all under your arms during the day. You use it every night for maybe a week, until you stop sweating. Then just once or twice a week for maintenance. During the day, I just use a deodorant (not anti-perspirant) for a backup. You can find it at most grocery and drug stores or on...
Most of the time my steel Rolex Submariner But today it's a G-Shock (hey, it's Friday.)
I bought this pair of Prada boots last year and I love the way they look but the leather squeaks like crazy when I walk. Not the sole against the floor but the leather pieces rubbing together at the ankle. Any advice on how to fix this? If I could find the receipt, I would return them.
I love yoga. I used to do it several times a week but now am down to maybe once a week. The classes are great, just ask if a particular class is okay for beginners. Get there early so you can get a spot you like. If it's your first time, you don't want to be right in front where everyone can see you because you may feel self-conscious and that would defeat the purpose. I also do yoga at home. I started out with a DVD but once I learned the basic poses, I just put on some...
Guys, I've lived in Dallas for five years and have never shopped at Stanley Korshak. I've always had the impression it's kind of a "suits" merchant. Plus I'm a die-hard Neiman Marcus shopper. Any opinions on Korshak? Do they sell any of the trendy labels like D&G or Prada sport? Do they cater to a younger crowd at all? -DB
Aaron, Back when I wore suits to work every day (about 5 years ago), I bought all my work suits from Jos. A Bank. I was fresh out of college then and their wool suits were fairly inexpensive and wore nicely. I did notice thier quality somewhat decline over the 4 or so years I shopped there but if you can get something on sale, I'd give it a try. Jon
Jack Spade is great stuff. I have 2 bags from his line and my dopp kit is a Spade. I didn't include them in my earlier post because they aren't leather. But if you are looking for a good laptop case or casual bag, it's the way to go. They will last forever.
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