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DANG!!! IT WORKED!! THANK YOU !! I didn't even see the slits where you can bury the hooks next to the size setting!!
I cannot figure out how to adjust this adjustable bow tie to my neck size! Any instructions or help would be greatly appreciated! I tried putting the hook through the loop... but then what? Am I missing an extra metal piece or something?
How is the fit on the polo? Is it a slim fit and tapered at the waists or is it boxy? How does it compare to the JCrew Bayswaters?
I saw a coat I liked from APT9 at Kohl's today. I think the fit is not too bad in my opinion. Not sure whether I should bite. Retail is $225, but with the sale, it's down to $90.
Hey guys, I went into a Kohl's store today to check out some coats, and I was wondering if you could tell me your opinions on the APT 9 brand? - Where would you rank it up with? Is it on par with Gap? Old Navy? JCrew? - How's quality and fit? Never heard of this brand until today and was wondering what the public opinion was on this label or Kohl's brands in general. Thanks
Here are some models posing in the Navy and Charcoal Jcrew peacoats: NAVY: CHARCOAL:
Do you guys have any opinions on what color to get for a Jcrew peacoat? I can't choose between Navy and Charcoal. I don't want black b/c I have too many black coats... Need some help. NAVY: CHARCOAL:
Hi, I am looking into the Jcrew peacoats and was wondering if there were any stylistic differences between the THINSULATE and REGULAR versions? I have not seen them in real life yet. Looking at the web site pictures, it seems like the thinsulate and regular versions have different pictures attached to them... Regular: Thinsulate: Is the Regular version a slimmer fit since it is a thinner material? Or are they pretty much indistinguishable in style to the naked eye?
hi, i'm sort of new to fashion. i am thinking about purchasing thin-fabric 100% v-neck sweaters from Gap Outlet and Lands' End. Size SMALL fits perfectly on me- in a slim fitted way. It's just the right length, any smaller would be too tight. Size MEDIUM is a bit looser on me. Do you guys purchase cotton sweaters one size up to account for shrinkage in the wash? Or do you buy the size that fits you just right in the store? If I follow the washing directions on the...
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