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Up for sale is a pair of Stubbs and Wootton Canvas Slippers Size 10US in great condition. Worn just a few times as can be seen from the soles, and the uppers are in great condition. Comes with shoe bags and S&W cloth (pictured). Shoe trees not included.   Please PM me if you want some additional pics. Will trade for other S&W Size 11US or sell for $220 shipped CONUS. International shipping will be additional and calculated on a case by case basis.   Thanks for...
Just got a pair of Grenson Stanley's in Black from Gilt. G is too wide for me, and I'm returning them, but I thought I'd see if anyone in SF wanted them. I'm selling them for what I paid. $300 + shipping. I'm only going to hold on to them for a few days before returning, so let me know if you're interested sooner than later. Here's a link to the shoes from the Grenson so you can see if you're interested   Best...
Looking for a pair of XXL Swims Mobster Galoshes. I know I can get them off of the AE website, but $150 + shipping is more than I'm willing to pay. Please PM me if you've got a pair you want to sell for less than that. Thanks!
Looking for something like Church's Sidford, AE Broadstreet, or other classic Black/White Wingtip Spectator Shoes. US size 11 (or equivalent). New or Mint condition. Please PM me what you've got and how much you'd want for them.   Thanks!   ctk
Ok, so I was pretty disappointed when I saw that Gilt advertised a sale today with these boots on the front page and they weren't even included in the sale. I have no idea who makes them or where to find them. I know this might be a shot in the dark, but If anyone has a pair in size US 11, please PM me. Otherwise, does anyone know who makes them? (see picture)   Many thanks!
Does anyone know who makes these boots?  
Thanks, but that's more than I was willing to spend on this gift. Any other ideas? Thanks.
Good morning!   Does anyone know where I can find a scarf like this one in wool or cashmere?     Thanks!
Looking for a scarf like the one shown in the picture. Wool or Cashmere. Thanks!
Does anyone know how to avoid getting stained socks when wearing leather shoes (particularly new ones)? And I don't mean just transference from recently waxes shoes. Often times it's from the leather inside that I've noticed stains.   Thanks
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