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Last time I posted a picture of these boots it caused a little stir. I realize they may not be for everyone, but I like them and the fit is beyond words.
Was going to post a sizing question, with the talk of new members needing to sell discounted product, not sure this is a great idea but here it goes. I think I'm going to throw down on a pair of the Thorpe's through Skoak, they suggest maybe an f fitting. I wear a 10/10.5e on EG 606 & 64, and a 10d Barrie. Have you guys had to go up a width on the MH71?
I would be all over this.
Does anyone know if there are any upcoming whiskey models in the works, that aren't a LWB or Wingtip?
4:47 PM
Oh the build up...I don't think I've checked SF this many times in a day...come on shell nevis...
Thanks fellas.
It's been a while since I posted or bought a pair of Alden's, but these arrived today. The smell of opening a fresh pair made me feel like I was a druggie about to get his fix on.
I've been pretty busy and haven't been paying much attention to the shoe world lately, but it looks like Takuya left also.
LS Attorney Shoe
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