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LS Attorney Shoe
Got a pair of Leffot Unlined Dovers that came today. On the right shoe there are 3 small holes and another spot that is more like a tear. I know Alden has claimed this will fill in, but what are thoughts on this? It is pretty close to where I think it will crease, will it get bigger? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I had them too and sold them. I didn't really care for how the true balance fit me with shell so they were rarely worn. I didn't find them to be too stubby for me, then again I like my 64 last Galway, find it very casual. The color on mine were great though.
Are you guys talking about the short boot that looks like a green color? I may be in if I can get sizing advice, never tried Carmina before.
I believe they were from TSM. I feel like I remember seeing this makeup some years back on their site.
Mac has a pair in Ravello I believe.
Just saw this post about Need Supply, I wouldn't mind getting one of the suede bluchers, it shows a 10 on both of them when I put the mouse over the picture but when I click on the link and try and add a size 10 it isn't there. Bummer.
Dovers on a cool cloudy Michigan summer day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Good for you. I was logged in also and did the same thing, it was less than 15 seconds from them going up and it wouldn't let me check out.
I was signed in had a pair in the cart and when I hit checkout with paypal, all within 12:00:25 it said they said size 10 wasn't available. Crazy, that's faster than ticket sales. Back up and says sold out. Did anyone get a pair?
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