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ThanksThanksNot sure where your ravello boots are from, but I also had a pair and and next to each other the ravello was a little more on the brown side and the #4 was a little on the red side. They were very close though, close enough where I ended up selling the ravello.Nice
#4 WTB day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
10.5 UK, not a bad price shipped to US. Does anyone know if what width these are?
Quick question, I've read through the thread and see that Saphir Reno is a no no. On my boots the base leather is starting to look very dry and looks kind of like dry cracking skin. Normally I would hit this up with Reno. Picture isn't great but kind of shows what they look like. Thoughts on treatment? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I'd be in, but I have a pair of Edwardian Dovers, sounds like people are leaning for a similar leather/color.
+1 just got a pair of 106's off their last pair. One shoe has been tried on and worn as it has slight creasing. Doesn't bother me as they will have this after me wearing.I have no experience with the classic, but the sailor on my boots is great. The chiseled, I wouldn't say that very quickly.I am having this issue with the pair that I just got, has anyone else had this? The shoe is very stiff right now, wondering if it will loosen up and not dig in as much as time goes...
Haha, I'm the same, but I know I wouldn't be able to get another pair of jumpers in cigar. But on the other hand, I've probably only worn them 3-4 times and the last time I beleive was over a year ago.
Cigar day, can't remember the last time I wore these. With the recent sales prices on the bay, makes one wonder if worth keeping around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Agree, with Skoat pricing on EG, it's making the price of Alden harder to stomach. Curious what pricing on gmto Nevis would be, I wanted one but opted to have St Crispin make a similar boot.
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