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I am a 10d Barrie and I have multiple Nordstroms size Large and haven't had an issue with stretching. They are actually the exact same tree that Alden sent me when I recrafted a pair, sans the Alden logo of course.
I really like this boot, can't wait for your fall stock.
Thank you, when I see the cap toe boots I wish I had gone after those. I wonder if I had them both which would be worn more.Great looking boots. Every time I see the 721ltd I kick myself for not picking up a pair.Thank you.
I very much like these, from the Islands?
After seeing MrDV's amazing #4 boot post yesterday, made me want to wear mine. #4 WTB via TSM
How about the boots? The Norwegian and boot look amazing. I am a 10/10.5e on the EG 606, what would you suggest for sizing?
Does anyone have pictures of this run? TSM pictures kind of make it look closer to ravello, just wondering if that is accurate.
Thank you. I hear you on checking for preorders constantly although that whole process has gone by the wayside as of lately.I have looked at their other shells offerings, I just wish they had some more boot options. I know they can do it, those 721ltd that they made up for Wolverine were a great pair that I really regret passing on.
Interesting I see you got black shoe bags, I'm pretty sure I got red ones with mine....odd.
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