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Ha...I do not believe I will ever part with these. Fit is great, love the color. I'm more of a boot guy, but they are my favorite pair of shoes I own, and easily top 5 out of all footwear I own.
Looks like flat and natural edge trim to me also. That is what mine are.Thanks, they are my favorite pair of shoes.I second that, same specs as mine.
Excellent choice, here are a few pics of mine to help with the wait....
Anyone pull the trigger on these? I'm not a huge suede fan, but for this price it is very tempting.
What are the details on this one?
CXL Tankers
Wore these out on date night with the wife last night. Thought I'd snap a pic before putting them away. CXL Tankers.
Seeing this picture kind of makes me regret selling my pair.
I am a 10.5d brannock size and a 10/10.5e fits very well. I tried a 10/10.5d and it was too tight. I don't think I could've gone down to a 9.5/10e. Maybe a narrower width would work for for you?
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