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They are on the sailor last.
Great thread. Here's the only pics of my boots I have on my phone. St. Crispin Alden
Here is a picture of them when they were new.
My choice of the two leathers clashed too much. Apparently I broke a rule of mixing smooth and grain leathers.
Last time I posted a picture of these boots it caused a little stir. I realize they may not be for everyone, but I like them and the fit is beyond words.
Was going to post a sizing question, with the talk of new members needing to sell discounted product, not sure this is a great idea but here it goes. I think I'm going to throw down on a pair of the Thorpe's through Skoak, they suggest maybe an f fitting. I wear a 10/10.5e on EG 606 & 64, and a 10d Barrie. Have you guys had to go up a width on the MH71?
I would be all over this.
Does anyone know if there are any upcoming whiskey models in the works, that aren't a LWB or Wingtip?
4:47 PM
Oh the build up...I don't think I've checked SF this many times in a day...come on shell nevis...
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