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Probably right, I tried to get a dark oak/walnut CC one and that was a no go.
Awesome, would love to stumble onto a pair of whiskey PTB's. Haven't had much luck tracking down a pair.
After hearing back from Gabriel on this, sounds like it is already done and it is a pattern change, so I will need to go to MTO 2 to get all eyelets on the Nevis. From the sounds of it only the top 3 will be speed hooks, which sounds a bit different. I think most boots that I have that have speed hooks have 4-5. I asked if there was anyway he could get a picture of the new pattern, but I am leaning towards just going MTO 2, I wonder what else I can change at that point...
Nothing wrong with the bottom picture. I was referring to how much different the pairs were. The second pair had perforated cap toe and perforation by the lacing and the heel. The first pair they sent didn't have any of that. I was saying if they missed the medallion and the perforation, they really messed up the first time.
Wow, if those are the ones they remade for you, they really dropped the ball on that. Congrats on your first pair, they look great.
x2, I used to want it really bad until I showed a picture of it to my wife and she said with the ankle stitching the way it is, it looks like they added a shaft to a shoe to make it into a boot. I can't get that out of my head now and prefer the Nevis.
I agree they are convenient, but I usually put shoes on in the morning and take off for the night when I get home, so the extra minute of lacing isn't a big deal. Most of my boots with speed hooks are Alden's and they eat laces fast. My Galway's have much thicker laces and seem to do good, I'd be afraid that I would burn through laces on a Nevis with speed hooks.
Did you have to get speed hooks? Also what last did you go with? I just emailed him that I was a go on a Nevis in Cloud that I've been going back and forth with him about. I really would prefer no speed hooks with exposed eyelets.
Thanks for input. Going to go Cloud/exposed eyelets/flat welt.Any thoughts on the 202 over the 606 for the Nevis?
Thanks. I saw that second picture last night while I was searching on Google. Is that Nevis in the first one cloud?
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