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That's plenty of time to slowly mention a few more pairs. You think if I get in on the Galway preorder they'd show up at the same time? @RogerP's photos are making that one hard to pass on. No one is buying the G&G Hove in size 10....never tried G&G, if I knew sizing better they would be on their way stateside. If no one buys them by next week I'll probably have to pull the trigger. Patrick said it is a pain to change pricing on in stock models....Nah, been at it a...
What is the turnaround time on the EG MTO's? Just paid for my Nevis make up, wondering if I place a few more orders how long I have to slowly mention them to the wife.
I tried this on there not long ago. I can't remember if it had hooks, it was not on commando.
Completely agree! I used to dislike all PTB's and passed countless times on this make up in the past. After I finally bought Leffot's unlined Dover in #8, I want this shoe in the worst way. Beautiful shoe by the way.
Gabriel has been great. I believe we got all the details down on my Nevis MTO. He confirmed with EG that I could get all eyelets with MTO 1 since the pattern already exists. Now the waiting game.
Probably right, I tried to get a dark oak/walnut CC one and that was a no go.
Awesome, would love to stumble onto a pair of whiskey PTB's. Haven't had much luck tracking down a pair.
After hearing back from Gabriel on this, sounds like it is already done and it is a pattern change, so I will need to go to MTO 2 to get all eyelets on the Nevis. From the sounds of it only the top 3 will be speed hooks, which sounds a bit different. I think most boots that I have that have speed hooks have 4-5. I asked if there was anyway he could get a picture of the new pattern, but I am leaning towards just going MTO 2, I wonder what else I can change at that point...
Nothing wrong with the bottom picture. I was referring to how much different the pairs were. The second pair had perforated cap toe and perforation by the lacing and the heel. The first pair they sent didn't have any of that. I was saying if they missed the medallion and the perforation, they really messed up the first time.
Wow, if those are the ones they remade for you, they really dropped the ball on that. Congrats on your first pair, they look great.
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