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This guy told me he could get the OEM parts from Alden and do a resole. At the time he was an Alden dealer, but looking at Alden's site for dealers in MI he is no longer listed. If you look on his facebook page he has some pictures up of a pair of cigar saddles from Alden of Carmel that he did a resole on.http://cobblerscorner.net/
Good eye, I did not notice this and I'm usually pretty good at picking things like this up. I think with the marbled color it didn't jump out to me.Thanks for the info. I assume that this will always be there and no product will be absorbed there? I would think that with the finishing that St Crispin did and it is still there it would always stay that way.I completely agree with this. I went home and checked my pair and it does not have the issues that the pictured one...
Thanks all. She is doing good now, first week we had some scares, but we have an excellent childrens hospital here and she was in great hands.This auction IMO has gotten out of hand, I mean they are used shoes, that have been cared for well, but used is used. I can't imagine what they would go for new. I wasn't really trying for charity bids on them as I do alright. These boots are kind of a gateway drug, that when thought about, makes me think I need more of these...
I'm sure I can, but I don't know if I want to deal with that just in case some knucklehead files a claim or something.
I have this shoe and this is correct.Thank you all for the kind words.
My wife and I welcomed our first, a daughter, a few weeks ago. She came a little early and had to spend a week in the NICU. That whole experience changed my view on things. Realized I don't need high end shoes that I wear maybe once a month tops so I am getting out of the game.
These are my boots, hoping they go for a lot Didn't even realize that I forgot to add the picture of the sole. I added it.
Thought about it but can't decide on a price. Feel better putting them up as an auction and letting the market determine the price.
A quick plug if anyone is a size 10. Going to put my Cigar Jumpers up on eBay Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Leather Soul they rolled through late 2013 or early 2014.
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