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Yes they are, learned that when I got my first pair of EG two years ago. I will enjoy them.I figured they'd be close so I was kind of viewing it as an upgrade. More than likely wouldn't have bought at full boat.Thanks.
Thanks!Might not have been my best purchase. Look a little closer to my Alden 961's than I thought they would.
After a week of these flooding my Instagram page from LS Last Pair, I caved. This makes 5 purchases already this year and 4 of them are split toes. I think I found my kryptonite, now just need to avoid it somehow.
Not sure if anyone saw that Leather Soul has a pair of Dovers on 202 with storm welt in Edwardian size 10/10.5e with trees for $995 on their last pair Instagram. I was going to buy, but passed since I have them with a flat welt on 606.
Great post.
That's plenty of time to slowly mention a few more pairs. You think if I get in on the Galway preorder they'd show up at the same time? @RogerP's photos are making that one hard to pass on. No one is buying the G&G Hove in size 10....never tried G&G, if I knew sizing better they would be on their way stateside. If no one buys them by next week I'll probably have to pull the trigger. Patrick said it is a pain to change pricing on in stock models....Nah, been at it a...
What is the turnaround time on the EG MTO's? Just paid for my Nevis make up, wondering if I place a few more orders how long I have to slowly mention them to the wife.
I tried this on there not long ago. I can't remember if it had hooks, it was not on commando.
Completely agree! I used to dislike all PTB's and passed countless times on this make up in the past. After I finally bought Leffot's unlined Dover in #8, I want this shoe in the worst way. Beautiful shoe by the way.
Gabriel has been great. I believe we got all the details down on my Nevis MTO. He confirmed with EG that I could get all eyelets with MTO 1 since the pattern already exists. Now the waiting game.
New Posts  All Forums: