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Thanks. Really happy with the color and all exposed eyelets. Yikes, they did put the right soles on and sounds like it works out for the better that I didn't get the toe taps.
Quick comparison of split toes. St Crispin sailor last, Nevis on 202, and Dover on 606.
Thanks.Interesting. I emailed them to let them know that I got them and that I was a little bummed they didn't have the toe taps. They didn't mention anything about them in the response so I didn't push it.Thanks.Cloud antique on 202.
X-Post from EG thread. EG Nevis arrived today.
Got my Nevis today. Turned out great, a little bummed that EG missed the toe taps. Can't win them all.
Galways on what feels like a cool rainy Michigan fall day.
Thanks. Cloud on 202 with black lining, double leather soles with metal tips.Thanks!
xpost EG Nevis
In coming. EG Nevis.
Here is a pic from the St Crispin thread. I'll try and get some more. I've yet to master the shoe selfie. Sailor last, 608, not sure on the shrunken leather just said similar contrast as EG DOAK/Walnut CC. Storm to ball welt with all exposed eyelets and leather laces.
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