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I bought my mother a pair of Michael Kors leather gloves and I actually like the look and design. i cannot find any decent looking men's quilted leather gloves. typically quilted leather is more female? seems female gloves look more streamline? any suggestions? id buy these if they could fit my banana fingers
It hit me too. the quarter life crisis does exists. I do not feel I need to be married or have kids but it hits you when so many people have kids/married and you are solo. I am 29 yrs old and I have it together in most eyes (career, friends, family, good looks, fun, outgoing) but I felt I was not achieving all I could. I have always had a cowboy complex/shoot from the hip which went away in my late twenties. I became timid with life, experienced less etc. part of it was...
one of my all time favse30 m3 1988-1991
the german panzer
daily is a 2001 bmw 740i sport with 160k on the clock - I need new spark plugs and an oil change. I hope to get it to 200k with no serious repairs. I will keep it till it dies on me. I love that car for driving in and out for work. weekend fun car is a jaguar xkr red vert (had to the top down today) beautiful day today. the leather/wood in the car is amazing. I love the supercharger feel but I am glad I do not hear it. I loved the way the supercharger sounded in my...
it was instant approval or decline
if it bothers see a laser scar consultant. but never expect to go away. it can be reduced but scars are forever.
I had it, nothing too speical. bank is HSBC at thre end of the line. I just have the regular Saks store card
Hello, I bought 5 new dress shirts and I told the tailor I need these taken in a bit mainly in the waist/back, well she pinned/measured and explained she has to do a slight bit of arms to make it flow, now the sleeves are too tight, I have bigger arms/shoulders than a normal person and she could see that when she measured/put in pins, but now the sleeves are too tight. is there anything I can do? I think I've read you can "let out the sleeves" thoughts on this? just a...
if it is really really important and a good sized pimple seek out your derm and ask for a kenelog injection. it will make the pimple go flat in 24 hours
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