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hey guys, im looking for some nice casual button down shirts on the cheap (im a student) so preferably no more than £30. i was wondering where you guys would recommend. also, what's the difference between Oxford shirts and other shirts? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggen Haha, you can really see on the model that he doesn't like the clothes they put him in. That jacket is quite bad but the shoes he's wearing are even worse. fair enough, i liked the jacket, but the shoes are just awful
has anyone heard of last one leather? i found this jacket and i love it
hey guys, dose anyone know where i can get a real nice classic brown leather from? button up and preferably not too heavy
generaly baggy cargo shorts and lumberjack shirts. basicaly whatever the guy on the H&M website wears
ive decided i want to try and grow mine like this or now i just have to wait for the shitty inbetween phase to go my hair is realy curly though, is there some sort of product i can put on that will straighten it a bit, so its more wavy than curly? id rather not have it chemicaly done because a friend did that and it looked shit. still dose 2 years on
i tried similar hairstyles to the first one but it turns out ym hair is too think. see how his sort of seperates out? mine dose the opposite becasue its so thick. how can i change that? thanks
thanks guys. any specific brand recommendations? cheap ones preferably. @julius ive seen some realy nice cream / kahki ones. they seem quite flexible.
ok forget smart casural then. just for out and about. would it be acceptable then?
i feel like buying one for smart-casural events. i want to wear it with blue jeans and a white tee probably. what colour should i go for? i was thinking a light blue / grey, but most seem to be dark. also what kind of matterial is best? also what kind of shoes should i wear? you cant realy mix blue / grey with brown / black shoes. thanks
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