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You're all crazy.
Dude, Bogut made the all star team and has had a solid career even post injury. He just made the all NBA team for defense.
Lol. literally my first thought.
Can you just buy the legs?nvm:https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/27478227_francois-arnal-four-t9-table-legs-c197374-h-41Might be something to fabricate my self...
I like the overbuilt massiveness of it. The headboard should be bigger.
Some. When I was younger I would go rock picking. Then people from SF bought all the properties on the coast and blocked access. I plan on starting again. Maybe a SF dive meet up is in order.
Do you dive?
Meh. Not sure you can make that claim when your team is losing. The true measure of a dominate performance is one that leads to a win.
If they give it to LeBron they should fucking drink bleach. Iggy as a nod to not only a great finals but for taking one for the team by coming off the bench all season for the first time in his career. Would be a great career arc.
I've been told that the shank's can be too hard for their teeth and can chip them. They bear the most weight so it makes a certain amount of sense. I usually go with necks or tails. Knuckles should be fine too.
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