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It had its moments.
Wait what? You're getting married? It was seems like only yesterday you were posting in the Adventures in Online Dating Thread.
Next you'll need a water purifier to make sure there are no minerals in the water . . . a more perfect slurry awaits.
Maybe check out a Mazda forum? The car forums tend to have pretty in depth information.
I'm "Attack from the Back" We'll be hitting the holes and pounding the rock.
Skinny, how did the Kezurou-kai go? Did you get down to a single micron yet?
Good Lord Skinny.
My parents live on a stretch of the coast that has easily defensible natural features on either end. About three miles of coastline, excellent farming and ranching (complete with livestock and a few barns) and only a few houses mostly owned by soft city folk. Above it all a nice ridge line with views North and South. Not that I've thought about this at all . . .
Strange. When I last worked construction we expressly warrantied all of our work for a year and would fix any defects free of charge.
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