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I literally got an alert from the app as I was reading this post. So, nope! Working fine for me.
Oh Well. RB1 and TE gave me actual negative points. Fuck those guys. My last hope was a defensive slug fest tonight.
Well, last week he killed and this week he's off to a good start again. Put him at flex.
Damn. Prince Buster is Old School!
Your team's pretty stacked as is.
Duh, the fact that he was black was practically screaming that.
What's your team name?
Its not just that a cop perceives a threat, its that it is reasonable to perceive that threat.
Seriously? Gronk finally starts and he is laying a fucking goose egg? Fuck my fantasy life. And of course Blount has a career night at his expense.
What is the function of the black wedge on the right side of the shelf in the last pic? Is it some sort of tensioner?
New Posts  All Forums: