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Just watched Jupiter Ascending. What a steaming turd that was.
Right, "discredited." Dude is a grade A jackass, as evidenced by that picture. Everybody does dumb shit, but most people learn from it. Dude has had the world bend over and grab its ankles for him, but that shit won't last forever.
that took a really long time, dude was an institution of sorts.
What happened to moo? I don't come round these parts much any more.
Yet. The key word is "yet." His actions stand a pretty good chance of washing him out of the NFL, landing him on the police blotter, and blowing through all his millions.
thx, not bad. What's with the car?
Man, this is the season the show becomes "inspired by" the books. So far so boring, consider my attention lapsed.
Can anyone make sneakers and chinos actually look good?
"F" shouldn't take that long to write.
Yyour mother on law was in ZZ Top? Cool.
New Posts  All Forums: