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Boris Karloff!!! That Limey Cocksucker!!
Just watched the Mockingjay part 1. It really showed J-Law's range, from quivering about to cry all the way to crying and post cry pouty face. She's giving Claire Danes a run for the title of our generations best crier.
I watched that a couple times when I was just a wee lad. I think it kind of threw me.Great movie though.
Dude, get a grip.
and yet still, no one cares . . .
Fuck you Green Bay. You had this bitch.
I want this to be good so badly but I just lack faith in Hollywood.
[/quote]Dude, that is hilarious.Seriously though, this show is just boring now. Inertia keeps me checking in but it just falls flat in too many ways.Sci Fi channel has a show Z-Nation that on right now. Its way lower budget and in a lot of ways not very good but at least it has a sense of humour and something sort of like character development. It also actually shows people making an effort in post Z world trying to patch together some sort of life in kind of interesting...
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