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I expect your resignation by Friday.
You don't think a 70 pound barking dog might have helped that situation? If nothing else - and its a lot- it lets you know something is up.
Funny, but I honestly can't imagine tying my dog up or investing in a n invisible fence way out here and I'm not alone in that. Another guy on the same land lets his dog run free, as does our closest neighbor about two miles down the road. The biggest threat is a car even out here, and if she is eaten by a lion so be it but I very much doubt that is her fate. How would you guys keep deer out of the garden, foxes out of the hen house, and hippies at bay if not with a...
Some pictures of Airedales treeing lions and bears up north:
Oh, and the dog is stoned again. A few more days like this and I'll be packing her off to doggy NA meetings.
Somebody has to keep the bears at bay? As far as I know a bear will run from a dog, or at least give it a wide berth. Obviously a bear would shred a dog if it came down to an actual fight but I never hear about dogs being killed by bears.Lions are another matter and eat dogs from time to time, but I understood that that was usually when the dog was tied up or just a small dog. I know people use Airedales to hunt lions so a lion must give way when confronted with a barking...
Snowpiercer. Well worth the watch, particularity if you like the genre (post-apocalyptic malarkey).
So we moved north a few months ago, to about 125 miles North of the Bay Area onto a 140 acre ranch. Naturally the dog loves it but has been hanging close. In fact she jumps in the car any chance she gets, I figure it is the most familiar thing for here, sort of a giant security blanket. But in the last few weeks she has started to "spread her wings" a bit. The other night she was gone all night, only showing up around eight in the morning all tore up and tired. One claw...
But can he jump all the way out of Minnesota?
I was actually thinking of Norbert the Narc, the FFFB's arch nemesis.Back in the 90's I allegedly used to provide one of the rip-off Press guys with his California Herbal Refreshment and he invited me to their annual hoe-down. I was too cool for school at the time and begged out but in hindsight it probably would have been fun to meet some of those guys.That's my hood.
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