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Late to the pull party (insert homoerotic joke here) but I'd go with #1.
Christ, the announcers should just blow Arron Rodgers already.
Whheew, near miss there mate.
I wonder if the local wood is just that different or if it is more a matter of volume, because I have generally not seen that amount of urgency to mill once a tree is felled.
Around here it's sinker Redwood. And Redwood in general has pretty unique rot and pest resistance, it's one reason it's such an amazing building material.
Interesting the differences in wood longevity. Locally its common to just let a tree sit for a year or two before milling it up. There is a local cottage industry where one takes small barge up the various rivers and lifts old "sinker" logs that have been submerged for decades. The Redwood logs survive pretty much forever and the wood often has a really interesting colour to it.
As far as heating with wood goes, my personal favorites are either a masonry stove or radiant heat with a wood fired boiler. Neither makes much sense in an urban environment, but out here in the sticks they're pretty ideal. And the masonry stoves double as ovens and or hot water heaters, which is cool. My ultimate off grid dork set-up would be a wood-gas generator that uses the excess heat to first preheat water then vent into a greenhouse for winter...
Just let it ride.Cast iron back will help, but fireplaces are never going to be that efficient as a source of primary heat. Just enjoy it for what it is.
Skinny, Turk, have you ever messed around with this type of set up? They are pretty common around here. A buddy of mine has one, some day I'll probably have to enlist him in milling up a Pygmy Cypress that fell a few Winters ago.
Looks like playoff Eli showed up today.
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