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-*No way, put in what you like. Tile is cool. So is cork. Fuck vinyl.
So...Was the White House built by slaves?
You fuckers. Now I want to try my hand at shellac.
M. I agree that that looks like rot. Did you purchase w/o a pest inspection?
Are you renting? All those things are fairly reasonable for a new owner to fix, but asking a landlord to apply a skip coat to smooth out the walls seems like a recipe to be told to get fucked. I know I would.Anyway, glossy is not necessary.The paint globs/drips are from fast/shoddy work, and can be fixed but again, it would add a lot of extra labor and I would expect that the land lord would ask you to pay.Can't tell you to paint the wall without seeing it. Live with the...
Who cares why they were there, no reason to shoot the dog. If you really, really feel threatened pepper spray will knock any dog flat on its ass. You don't go to a kids birthday party and start blasting dogs, full stop.
LoL, you said "Balts"
Guess you can't trust the fags either.
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