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I want this to be good so badly but I just lack faith in Hollywood.
[/quote]Dude, that is hilarious.Seriously though, this show is just boring now. Inertia keeps me checking in but it just falls flat in too many ways.Sci Fi channel has a show Z-Nation that on right now. Its way lower budget and in a lot of ways not very good but at least it has a sense of humour and something sort of like character development. It also actually shows people making an effort in post Z world trying to patch together some sort of life in kind of interesting...
Lately it's been wild mushroom season here. I'll try to get some pics up but I've had boletus, Prince Agaricus, two types of chanterelles, Lactarius, and just now a bunch of matsutake. Honestly I'm not sure what to do with the matsutake, any ideas?
Yup, maybe 45 min north of the Gualala river, then inland a few.
lets just leave my rod out of this, eh.Matt, did you folks buy a place near Guallala?
So why does DC kill it in animated form but continue to miss their mark in live action? Honestly I think animation might just be a better medium for comic book movies
I expect your resignation by Friday.
You don't think a 70 pound barking dog might have helped that situation? If nothing else - and its a lot- it lets you know something is up.
Funny, but I honestly can't imagine tying my dog up or investing in a n invisible fence way out here and I'm not alone in that. Another guy on the same land lets his dog run free, as does our closest neighbor about two miles down the road. The biggest threat is a car even out here, and if she is eaten by a lion so be it but I very much doubt that is her fate. How would you guys keep deer out of the garden, foxes out of the hen house, and hippies at bay if not with a...
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