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Yeah, I don't think the punishment is wrong per se . .. but in context with other punishments its fucking ludicrous. Maybe he came down harder because Brady is a repeat offender?
So the Warriors might part ways with Wallace before he even suits up. Which begs the question, if this was only about dumpling salary, why not trade him for a future pick, may a top 20 protected first or even a second. That way you at least have a chance of getting productive player for Lee. I trust that the Warriors front office did the best they could but I just don't understand why they could not have received anything beyond cap relief for a guy one year off from the...
The real point of the article is that the owners are an investment firm and their investment is making money. Period. Winning and competitive basketball don't enter into the conversation.
Don't overthink it. Despite what people like to pretend, dressing "CM" and "SW&D" is not that different. Balance, fit, color, texture, apply across genres. Dress in clothing that you think looks kickass. Like boots? Wear boots. Like hip hop? Buy a donkey rope. Rock out to northern Soul? Buy a Fred Perry, shave your head, and try to bang chicks rocking a Chelsea. IF you don't have a fucking personality, work on that, then buy clothing that firs the personality you wish you...
In case he does:http://gingerybooks.com/http://www.amazon.com/dp/1878087002/cooltools-20http://www.amazon.com/dp/1878087355/cooltools-20
Enjoying being world champs, resigning Green, trying to trade Lee.
Man . . . why couldn't the Dubs get in on that action.
You're all crazy.
Dude, Bogut made the all star team and has had a solid career even post injury. He just made the all NBA team for defense.
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