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Will you report on quality?I have some knives that are well and truly abused but only have very fine Japanese waterstones. I need a rough stone to bring things right. I kinda want to just buy a cheap Lansky Arkansas stone, any good reason why I shouldn't?
Lol. Fairfax is nice too.Does your friend hunt rabbits as well? My dog could use lessons.
It is. Still pretty backwoodsy, nice woods, and good weather. The drive through there and down to the coast through Annapolis is pretty epic.
Fuck all ya all and your fancy cars. Here's the DIY Toyota convertible I drive:
Nixie Dogge at the beach. Five years old.
Man, the Niners off season has been a fucking tire fire.
Put some Curry on that dish!!!
A little inspiration: http://truefilms.com/
Handsome dog, Iron.
Dog lovers unite. Or something.: http://www.vice.com/read/young-gays-are-sniffing-out-the-pup-life-979 Makes you miss SF, eh Lefty?
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