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WahhhhhMaybe dude should stop using his forearm to clear space like a fullback. . . Honestly that bitch gets one of the most generous whistles in the Association. Fuck him and the rest of the anointed "faces."Bitches get stitches.
Just saw it, highly decent. I would have liked a wider variety of proper super villains though. Maybe some Baron Zemo or Madame Hydra.
By "Popeyes" he means dick.
That's 51 the hard way. I think he only made two 3 point shots.
[edinatlanta] well, they are friends with you after all.[/edinatlanta]
Hilarious and a bit sad:"I can't believe I found this site, finally I am with people who understand my addiction. I needed a place to get this off my chest, on the night my freezer broke I was down to my last cup off ice and as I was walking from the living room I dropped the cup and the ice flew in all directions I quickly scrambled on my knees trying to collect every piece, the terrible bit is that some pieces had gathered cat hair on them and two pieces landed in the...
Ter, those aren't from your FB feed are they? They must be from some website that compiles stupid.
Bummer I missed this. Maybe someone wants to spearhead another buy?
Why did anyone ever think Jim Carrie was funny?
Those two are hands down () the funniest in the show.
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