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Saw Fury Road. Liked it, although I had a few quibbles. I thought they needed a heavier soundtrack, more Ministry, less taiko drumming. The War Boys were silly as hell but totally reasonable as grist. All shiny and chrome indeed. People calling it a feminist manifesto - as a compliment or a complaint- have a pretty low bar for feminism. So a chick was a better shot in one scene, big deal.
It seems that one legit purpose would simply be to have a larger gene pool to breed from, although I doubt that health or genetic diversity are high on the minds of those that promulgate these type of mash-up "breeds."
You shut your whore mouth.
I'm in, just placed order, pics to follow.....
whatever, Korver aint small. no way he should be afraid to mix it up.
cool, as long as the cars are real and the crashes are real. btw are people really up in arms b/c it has a female lead? Who gives a shit as long as the movie is good.
Man, you sold out of my size. I guess I'll have to spring for heming on my own.
Glad to hear that Fury Road was good. I fucking loved those movies growing up, the first two are on my all time favorite stand the test of time list. I might be alone in this, but I actually liked the first one better. It's just so fucking raw. Please tell me there is very little (or no) CGI? I'm going to the Bay this week, I might have to take the time to see it on a proper screen.
Just watched Jupiter Ascending. What a steaming turd that was.
Right, "discredited." Dude is a grade A jackass, as evidenced by that picture. Everybody does dumb shit, but most people learn from it. Dude has had the world bend over and grab its ankles for him, but that shit won't last forever.
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