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Overall pretty happy with our draft. I don't know much about the players, but on paper they seem like good picks.
I love me some Sabonis. I'm now a Thunder fan for that reason alone.Seems like a really solid trade for the Thunder.
Dude. . . are you secretly Barnes agent? Nobody, least of all the Warriors are offering him a max. I think thier prior offer was for 60 million and they are certainly going to offer him less now.
Maybe, but remember a few years ago LeBron was a chock machine with no killer instinct. Maybe Curry did tighten up, he can still grow past it.
Come on. they still have their core and a really good bench. The salary cap is going up and they are a destination for anyone who wants to win. They can pick up a good new center (maybe Whiteside), maybe a good forward (maybe move Green to Small forward?) and they're right there. I mean, they came within a couple of Curry bricks from the best season of all time, its not like they just scrubed out in the first round.As for Curry "breaking down" dude, slipped on a wet spot...
Fuck you all.
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCk. Worst game evar!!
Fuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk. Gotta say Curry shit the bed. Time for a new center, the death line up is cool and all but they really missed having a big. Move Green to small forward and pick up an athletic big who can run. Obviously really disappointing. Just felt like they were off all series so many times Curry chucked up and missed. Blech.
Bicyclists are fucking scum.
Lets go to the tape! Seriously, I missed it the first time around, somebody post a video.
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