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Nah, you're response was thoughtful and empathetic, nothing to be ashamed of there.
Dub dub dub . . .
Time to hit the glory hole. I hear Green Frog is available.
Does your mother know?Seriously, you guys went deep. Goats are pretty cool though, I just got rid of mine when I moved into town off the mountain. They're awesome at clearing brush and stubborn vegetation like blackberries or poison oak, but you have to be careful because they will eat anything, even the bark off your apple trees (ask me how I know).They also have waaay more personality than sheep, and will work at escaping. Plan on them getting out. I woke up once in the...
" So they can't be retailed." Nice.
How does that even work? Why not just buy the real deal at that point?
this is gold, people.
This is correct.
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