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But can he jump all the way out of Minnesota?
I was actually thinking of Norbert the Narc, the FFFB's arch nemesis.Back in the 90's I allegedly used to provide one of the rip-off Press guys with his California Herbal Refreshment and he invited me to their annual hoe-down. I was too cool for school at the time and begged out but in hindsight it probably would have been fun to meet some of those guys.That's my hood.
ahh, thx.
So, no wide sizes?
These guys are like a case study in how to take individually decent pieces and combine them to look like a shit stain.
Honestly just looking at the screen shot is enough. Ten seconds in and its like watching someone try to sex up a chicken.
True, but I gotta maintain tradition.
I blame LeBron.
Yeah, one has to wonder if Love isn't fools gold. I won't feel too bad if they do trade Klay for him but I think I lean towards preferring they keep him. IF they could drop Lee and Barnes plus future (late round) first for him though . . that I'd do in a NY min.
Clearly. I guess the reputation as a run and gun team was well earned and is hard to shake but the Dubs have been super solid on D for the last few years, and in fact it has been their offense that has faltered down the stretch. Statistically they were better on D and were one of the better teams at rebounding and defensive efficiency. They out rebounded the Clips in the playoffs.Offensively they were much more stale and predictable and had trouble creating under pressure....
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