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So, that's a stupid law. We better new nothing then. Ever.
Nothing, what would a cancer vaccine do for all those already sick? I guess we should reject any attempts at finding one then.Why is this totally defeatist attitude so popular?
That's a flat out lie. But by repeating it enough times you effectively shut down any rational conversation.Its insane to think that we have the best possible rules and regulations concerning guns and gun ownership. There HAS to be room for improvement, even if it is only incremental improvement.But hey, feel free to shove your fingers in your ears and scream " hurr durr!!!!" and pretend you're making a valid point.
Fell the Bern, baby.
Clearly, despite the fact that we've put a man on the moon, cured small pox, and built a machine that can beat a chess master at his own game, nothing could possibility be done about this. Or so certain defeatist pricks would have you believe. Personally, I still believe in American exceptionalism and believe that something could be done to improve in some manner gun safety, while still preserving our right to keep and bear arms. Which I firmly believe in (and practice...
Meh, the only reason that I'm talking about it is because there have been a lot of rumours that they are making a play for him.Come on, someone who got the "Big Three" in Miami due to player collusion has no reason to gripe.
Is this even true? The cap is going up, I thought they'd be able to pay the man and keep most of their core intact.Whether or not that is a good idea is another matter. It would be hard to say no to Durant, but I would hate to sacrifice chemistry, defense, or depth to get him. They will need a Bogut replacement soon. Maybe he resigns for a little less or they groom Festius for the job.Still, I gotta admit, the idea of signing Durant kinda makes my panties moist.
you mean bi?
How's your ass feel?Anyways, I thought you'd appreciate the sentiment.
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