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No shenanigans there. Nope.Feel the Bern Baby.
That will be easier and make for a better finished product. Trying to fill cracks can be a pain as the colour will never match. Make sure you get all the old loose bits out. An old chisel can help.
It's not that hard. Just take your time, be neat, and clean up the mortar early and often. A big ass sponge and a bucket of water are good to have on hand.Are you thinking of filling cracks? Or mortaring over them?
It's good to be #2.
Que the protests when the "Curvy" Model undersells and is put on discount as a result.
From the Times Comments it seems they all turned into by the book law and order types:"It may be possible to fill a football stadium with Bundy supporters, but there are not enough stadiums in this country to hold those that support the law of the land. I resent that the Bundy types ever suggested or believed that I agreed with anything they were saying.That said, I hope no more lives are lost, but this flouting the law week after week had/has to be stopped.
Second best defender in the game.
My condolences to my frozen brothers from a northern mother.
Lol Who is the 6'8" 220 model? Is he a fighter?
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