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I'm having trouble finding a satisfactory answer to the question "how do cheaney's fit?" Anyone have any thoughts on this or know of an applicable post? Also, I have some 11D Allen Edmonds (7 last) that fit, but if anything, are slightly large. Can anyone make a size recommendation/conversion based on that info? *I realize posting a specific last would be helpful, but in this particular case, I think generalizations will suffice. Thanks!
Probably a long shot but looking for a used pair of these. I understand they run big. I wear an 11D on the AE 7 last so I'm guessing 10.5 will be about right. Thanks!
So aggregating everyone's comments it seems I need (at minimum): - A relatively plain black oxford shoe - A brown oxford dress shoe of some sort - Double monks (because I want them) Is that a fair assessment? If so, a follow-up question- while I understand the purpose of the plain black shoe, are there any requirements for the brown shoe(s)? Is it necessary for me to have one plain brown shoe or can I just go with whatever I like ie wingtip or split-toe blucher or...
Considering: - Black captoe - Black punchcap - Brown(ish) split toe bluchers - burgundy adelaide brogues - Brown(ish) double monk - Brown captoe - Brown loafer (intentionally unspecific here) You get the idea, I need a conservative black shoe and then a brown shoe or two. I'm looking for something under $300 and most likely used (since I prefer quality stuff).
Quote: Originally Posted by francoamerican It depends what you do and how casual or formal you like to be? How often do you wear a suit?Also, do you prefer sleek shoes or chunkier shoes? I don't wear a suit that often; generally I wear slacks and a button-up, occasionally wearing jeans when going out on the weekend. I prefer sleeker shoes to chunky.
I am about three years into my career and just starting to build my shoe "wardrobe." I basically have one pair of shoes: AE McCallisters (walnut calf). I want to grow my collection by strategically adding some shoes that are versatile with maybe a little bit of flash (I really like double monk straps, for instance). Essentially, the question is "if you were just starting a shoe collection, what are the first 5 shoes you would buy?" (color and style)
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