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Are some of these flannel colors only available in store? I'm not seeing this color on their website...
Knock-off Rick Owens Moto Intarsia -- $175 shipped Size S: Fits similar to a Small Wings + Horns hoodie I had a custom knock-off of the iconic Rick Owens Moto Intarsia made from lamb leather and sized similar to a Small Wings + Horns hoodie by a small outfit in Canada. It's got all the trademark details from the real deal including signature paneling, darted back, ribbed cuffs, 2 zippered interior pockets, and even a sling inside the jacket. Armholes are high and slim....
Incarnation Guidi Leather Jacket -- $1000 -> $850 -> $750 shipped Tagged Size M: Fits like a size XS/34in/44cm Made in Italy with buttery baby calf leather from the legendary Guidi tannery; this is one solid jacket. As noted, it's tagged a size medium but it fits much slimmer. I've got a 35 inch chest and this jacket barely fits me. Armholes are high and slim. It's pretty much brand new as I only tried it on and never got around to wearing it out. Lining is 100% cotton...
Yufu, I'm about the same height and weight as you. I've had a few pairs of the tasmanian trousers and the fit is full and straight especially on a skinny frame. I have a pair of +J pants that fit me perfectly so I just have the tasmanian trousers tailored to match the +J pants.
Their dress shoes tend to fit a size larger than their sneakers. For instance, I normally wear a size 42 in the Achilles and a 41 fits me well in their dress shoes.
Has the cut of the Westpoint Chino changed much at all since they switched in-house designers? I remember a couple of years ago they were pretty short in the inseam and had a pretty slim cut. I take it the only changes they've made is make them in Canada and lengthen the inseam?
Has sizing for +J suiting gotten bigger since the first '09 season? My XS +J jacket from '09 measures around 18.5 inches pit-to-pit while the body width for this season's XS +J suit jackets are listed as 19.7 inches.
I just had a wonderfully smooth buying experience with BB1. Communication was great and he shipped quickly. The item I bought arrived quickly in pristine condition.
I had a good buying experience with WhoKnewI. Payment was smooth, package had a tracking number, and what I bought arrived quickly in pristine condition.
Bump for a good seller. Payment was smooth, package had a tracking number, and what I bought arrived in pristine condition.
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