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Bromio, via the Passo Stelvio. Of course Lake Como is required as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie and go to Iraq?! I don't think he's looking for that type of civil service as he's only interested in weekend work. Pussies :P I second the nomination for joining one of the many reserve components of our nations military. All in favor say aye, all opposed say nay.
Rub mah legs, rub mah feet! I love pedicures Interesting story. I was out with some friends, mixed group of Soldiers and civilians; when the topic of stopping for a pedicure came up. The only men who got pedicures were the Soldiers. I think it comes down to being secure with yourself as a man. Moral of the story, man up, get yourself a pedicure :P
Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic I'd never leave the house without an NBC suit. You can fit one in a rucksack pretty easily. Go with the JLIST, much lighter
I get paid to run
Pretty sure most of these reccomend one tablespoon per serving.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik I don't really know The rotary-wing close air support is all Army anyway. Well, except for the helos that are Marines, but you get the idea. The Air Force has a small special ops community (not widely known, in part, because they don't have video games named after them) that have special reconn abilities. The Air Force also has the Pararescuemen (PJs), but I don't think they do recon either. You never...
Quote: Originally Posted by TomW Indeed there is a logical fallacy at hand. Yours. You assume equal quality at a given price point and for the most part you are suffering under the delusion of branding. Just because it's a "luxury" label doesn't equate to quality construction. Well said, +1
Watches that I've owned: Favorite: Oris Least favorite: Movado I still think Oris is one of the best watch values out there, despite the price increases.
I dig the look of the jacket. I think that the jacket paired denim would be a decent "streetwear and denim" combo.
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