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Quote: Originally Posted by suited Burger Boats, some of the finest made. I completely agree. I think the smallest "boat" Burger makes is 83 ft long; which would require a crew. What's the largest size boat you could pilot without the necessity of having a crew?
Tagging so I can revisit this thread next spring, before I go to Budapest :P Please post pictures when you get back.
Lucky number 103! Thank you in advance
My opinion as someone who is currently in the Army, and getting ready to deploy as an Infantryman is this; I don't care where a Soldier prefers stick his cock. Someone's sexual preference has ZERO bearing on their abilities as a Soldier. The only thing that matters is competence. Most of my Infantry buddies don't care if other Soldiers are gay. My "admin" type friends, however, are huge homophobes; which I find ironic. I think if they do get rid of DADT, the culture...
University of Missouri
Quote: Originally Posted by BoilerRoom Aren't Toyota's cars now built in America? This would explain some things. They took our JERBS!
Its a man, MAN
2400 ft2, as a single man I think I need to downsize. Once (if) the real estate market comes back I will sell and move into something smaller.
A hero doesn't tap his chest and let you know that he recieved a Purple Heart. A hero will never regale you with "war stories". They will never tell you about the time their buddy was shot, and the sick empty feeling one gets as he helplessly held his buddy in his arms and watched his best friend take his last breath. A hero doesn't come home and tell his friends about the time he had to recover body parts from the latest Vehicle Borne IED blast to hit his platoons...
May I please have an invite as well
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