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These were all taken from a recent hiking trip. I am new to photography and looking for advice/constructive criticism. Avalanche Creek, Glacier National Park: Hidden Lake, GNP: Iceberg Lake, GNP:
You guys couldn't resist pushing this threak towards DT teritory could you?
I primarly post on car forums like Lotus Talk, Bimmerfest, MR2OC. I casually observe style/fashion forums; mainly SF, AAAC, Style Zeitgeist, and SuFu. This is the extent of my online timewasting/forum reading
Fat people love seeing other fatties succeed. This is why shows like The Biggest Loser drew a decent (hefty) sized audience. This show will have alot of fatties fail; most of the fatness will be sent home by the end of the season. While this failure of fatness might provide some novelty viewing pleasure, ultimately it will get old. I give it two seasons, tops. Sidenote: If you <3 the fatness check out Dance Your Ass Off. You're welcome
Live dangerously :P
I find it to be safe and useful.
http://forum.purseblog.com/ They have a subforum dedicated to womenly dress.
In summation, if I'm 30 and she's 21 then it's cool, right? Does working in the same office throw a kink into this? I don't know why I'm posting this, my mind is already made up
I should be allowed to vote twice since both my cars are stick shift
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