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Old SF = Amjack. I don't really see that one very much anymore Current SF = sprezz
Quote: Originally Posted by JhwkMac didn't manifesto close along with 1924 main? Or did it reopen now that the Riegler restaurant has launched? I'm out of the country, and have been, but I was told that it re-opened when Riegler opened. Not sure of course since I cannot verify. The same owner (Ryan) has ties to The Drop, which is another great cocktail place. If not Manifesto's, then I would be down for JP Wine bar. If we go the PBR Tall...
I count 11 KC area members in this thread. Mini meet-up? Manifesto would be a great place to meet for drinks.
It is morally imperative that a meet-up occur. However; can we wait until the May time frame . I'll be out of the country until then. Yes, this should revolve around my schedule, thanks
KC MEETUP! May ish?
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo I am surprised that there are members here that know KC this well. When I joined I think Mainy and I were the only ones who lived here. Be careful of online resources though. [hijack]WE NEED A KC MEETUP. It would be Legen.......DARY[/hijack] Back on topic... http://www.wallstreettower.com/main.html /thread Oh, click on the "neighboorhood features" tab. It will bring up a map that lists all...
Inside "the loop" is a good place for lofts. This would be around the Power and Light district. Look up Wall Strett Tower lofts. I have a couple of friends that live there, and its nice. The Crossroads district, just south of the P&L district, also has some great lofts. The Crossroads dist has most of the good bars and restaurants in KC. It also has a lot of great local art galleries. Even if you don't end up living in or near the Crossroads, definitely party here,...
It's been awhile, but I have some shots to add: The Djiboutian Shoreline. Pic snapped on the way to our dive spot for a Whale Shark swim A beach just north of Djibouti City
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen They dont protect against STD's. They are perfectly safe. In other words they will not damage your penis in some way. They dont put broken glass inside them or similar. I suppose I will have to check them out for myself as far feel/fit/etc are concerned. They do protect against STD's, the exception is teh HIV. Lambskin does feel the best, although you are running the (minuscule) risk of contracting HIV.
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