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If you lease from BMW again you'll pay $.15 cent's/mile for the additional 10k miles per year. Find a vehicle whose depriciation and maintenance cost's less than $.15/mile and I'll agree that the higher mileage BMW useage isn't lease friendly. I'd lease another 3/5 series if I were you
I ran 5.5 miles yesterday. The route was a mostly flat neighborhood route. I call it route porkchop. Today = rest. Tomorrow I will run 5 miles; route muffintop
If you are a good number cruncher/stat junkie, take a look at the Actuarial Sciences.
I hear spam is quite popular in Hawaii.
I say keep it, if you are participating in one of those fishing reality shows like Swords on the Line. Come to think of it, the Gordons fisherman looks pretty dashing with his beard. Do you have a yellow poncho to wear? I keed, I keed :P
Quote: Originally Posted by Kookz I couldn't imagine myself going from a 325 to an Equinox or Escape. My girlfriend has had both an E90 328xi (crushed by a tree) and now an E92 328xi, and both have been fantastic in the snow. Tires are obviously the biggest factor, but the AWD system in the cars is very competent. It just seems a strange move, from a 325 to an Equinox. I've never considered justifying vehicles for the several times a year that...
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack Grinders on 18th street is awesome and a fun place for lunch and a beer. If you do end up going to First Fridays definitely hit this bar/eatery. It is in the cross roads district (the art district). The owner is a metal sculptor, and consequently the bar has some pretty interesting decor. Grinders has been featured on Food Network a few times. Of course they do have great grinders and NY style...
I'd stand on my bosses desk, whip out mah cack, and proclaim that I am quitting. Would this cross the line? I'm working on boundries and could use some advice.
As previously mentioned Jack Henry and Halls are the places to shop. They are both located in the Country Club Plaza. If you are getting here on Friday, you will be in town for Septembers "First Friday"; which means you may want to head to the Crossroads district. Good Choice of Hotel, the ICH is nice
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