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Quote: Originally Posted by Pezzaturra Ins. would be a least 200/monthly ,so your choice is not that great. I'd say go back to Toyota or Honda(however Honda might be out of your range). For a 328i? I have been driving a 2007 328i for 3 years now. I am 30, with 1 ticket in the last 5 years, and 0 accidents. I pay less than $100 per month for full coverage through USAA. To the OP, I'd recommend test driving a 3 series. [EDIT]Forgot to add...
Quote: Originally Posted by bmf895 Hands down you should buy an 8th generation civic (2006+). They're moderately priced, ultra reliable, and the sedan has similar lines to a BMW 3-series. I love mine! The EX models offer sunroof, leather, navigation, etc. What more could you want? Why pay $10K+ more for a "luxury" car that is probably less reliable and more expensive to fix? Listen to this man. You two seem to be of similar mind. Buy a...
Quote: Originally Posted by legit I want to punch girlsss in the faceeeeee who describe food as "delish" <3 FTFY
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherman90 I've got a gorgeous 328i Coupe that I just can't fall in love with. Or maybe it's that I just don't love her enough to justify keeping so much money wrapped up in her. Point is, I've concluded that driving ma's '02 barebones Civic is just fine with me. In fact, in some ways I prefer riding around in a reliable beater than a slick German liability. Anyway, assuming I can sell the vehicle for about $40,000 (I'm in...
Quote: Originally Posted by suited Burger Boats, some of the finest made. I completely agree. I think the smallest "boat" Burger makes is 83 ft long; which would require a crew. What's the largest size boat you could pilot without the necessity of having a crew?
Tagging so I can revisit this thread next spring, before I go to Budapest :P Please post pictures when you get back.
Lucky number 103! Thank you in advance
University of Missouri
Its a man, MAN
2400 ft2, as a single man I think I need to downsize. Once (if) the real estate market comes back I will sell and move into something smaller.
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