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Please post some gems, just for entertainment purposes
To be fair, it's the civilians that give out the big contracts, and they tend to do so via favoritism. KBR is a prime example of this type of civilian favortism/influence in the military; thanks Dick Cheney! In the military we do have the power to award contracts w/o civilian interference; however by law we have to grant new contracts every few years. Here is an example: You are a Brigade Commander and you want staff duty officers and NCO's to have cell phones so they...
{Insert random bailout rant here} I know the bailout comparison is weak, the bailouts are infrequent and the military by its very nature has to be supported by tax dollars.I am currently in the military, and I think there is a lot of misconception over how our medical benefits work. If my duty station is more than 50 miles from a military base (my current situation), I am then authorized to go to civilian doctors. When I see my civilian doctor he/she only gets paid the...
There are many differences, but I am curious as to what is the HUGE difference. 'Splain to me Lucy.
I love you
This. It doesn't matter if you go Marines or Army, enlist as an Infantryman (0311 for Marines, 11B for Army). If you want to be Recon in the Marines you'll need to make it through 2 out of the 3 phases of the Armys Ranger School. Good luck
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason What about the poisoning of water this causes? There was flammable water in areas near where fracking was done. Fire Island?
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi Where 2 kop?!?! http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=499496 The M3 had a phenominal residual for 4 or 5 months. Not certain what the M3 rates are now. The current crazy good lease deals are on the Z4.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince Of course there will be people on Bimmerfest who lease their BMW, but someone made a point as if the guys on Bimmerfest would understand the OP better than the folks on SF. I highly doubt that, since most active members on Bimmerfest drive older BMW's. The leasing crowd is definitely a minority there. There is a reason 75%ish of new BMW's are leased. Many people are incapable of making sound financial decisions and...
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