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Now the military is on board http://moms.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/05/30/11955844-military-mom-proud-of-breast-feeding-in-uniform-despite-criticism?lite
We have sent our best forward to secure the gates. In the future we will link up, and move out together again.
^^Truthiness^^People seem to be missing that what made that deal possible was the incredible residual of 64% and of course buying the MF down. It was a magical combo that seems to happen for one BMW model every year; last year it was the M3 convertible. IIRC for 2010 it was either the 740 or 750 that had some ridiculous deal for part of the year.Seriously, go to www.bimmerfest.com and read up. BMW is one of the few brands where it actually makes some sense to lease.
I don't think that counts against you actually. I also scored a 34, and am currently in the military. I may retake the test and edit out my military answers to see if it sways me lower, but I don't think it will affect it by much.edit- editing out my military history dropped my score from 34 to 31.
I didn't even notice the difference in the spelling, good catch. I guess in my mind there is only one Jimmy or Jimmie Johnson and that was the Cowboys coach. If it was spelled Jimmie on the survey then my mind must have auto corrected it to reflect what I know and/or am familiar with.
Haha, yes that sailed over my head. I picked the football coach on that option thinking that was the only Jimmy Johnson. I guess that question was a good distiller of main stream culture given the popularity of NASCAR.
I scored a 34. I'm in the military and would like to think that I am not in a bubble due to the diversity of the force. I guess I need to eat more horrible food, watch more television, and watch more movies? Clearly that would "thin" my bubble. I'm surprised there wasn't a NASCAR question thrown into the mix.
I agree. Additionally they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn since round 2, and honestly had no business being in the final game. KU had a cake walk of a tournament, Ohio State was their only competition prior to this. Ohio State kicked KU's ass for 39 minutes then gave KU the game. UNC would have wiped the floor with KU if Marshall would have played, and if Roy would have recognized the triangle 2 defense. Purdue's coach fell asleep at the wheel, and gave up the...
You are pretty much right. Kansas should have lost all of the last 4 games, yet their opponents seem to fall asleep at the wheel every time. It's a classic case of falling up. I really don't see this being close.
Thanks! Those were all great examples. Seriously, COED bible study!?!? They let the wimmenfolks out of the kitchen??? How un-christian of them! God forbid both men and women sutdy the bible together, in the same room...
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