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He actually mentioned nuclear energy, although briefly. I wish more people would get behind nuclear power
And neither do mooslims, rite? How else do you explain his choice of running mate?
Which one is more likely to have me over for a "beer summit"?
It's necessary at this point based on the polls, isn't it?
I was thinking the same thing
Shopping = maximillian strasse. It's a 1km ribbon of high end shops. I'm going to vote for dining at Spatenhaus
The slave class is already created. Please see the "U.S. College Education.... Too Cheap?" thread
My memory has failed me as I only remembered part of the data. We do have hemispheric caps, here are the numbers:Still very low numbers all things considered.Source (found via quick googling of 1965 Immigration Act):http://www.america.gov/st/educ-english/2008/April/20080423214226eaifas0.9637982.htmlTo my knowledge the Immigration Act of 1965 is still what governs immigration policy. Yes there are allowances for h1n1 visas, political refugees, etc; however that doesn't...
You are correct. It will probably intrigue most of you that the caps are hemispheric, and each hemisphere is only granted 20,000 legal immigrants per year. These hemispheric caps were set in place back in 1965, and as far as I can tell have not been changed since then.Given these restraints it makes it incredibly difficult for us to take in the poor, tired, huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. What would Emma Lazarus say?
I'm in for 30 mL
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