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"We have sent our best forward to secure the gates. In the future we will link up, and move out together again." Memorial for the Fallen. Ridawyani Palace Complex (RPC), Baghdad Iraq.
Steak and Shake? Crazy Delicious? YES!
Kiddos = teh NO. I think the real question is at what age do you allow them to dine? I think 12 or 13 is a good age.
PM sent on the honey colored shoes
Wow, that Bamford & Sons jacket is amazing
I had something similar happen to me during the same day after xmas sale. Since I was already out shopping I decided to swing by the local BB instead of ordering online. I was only interested in BF items. I live in the Kansas City area and the only BB I know of (on the plaza) doesn't carry BF. I spoke with the manager and she assured me they could order the items I wanted and they would call me once they got in. The shirts and tie never came. I grew tired of calling...
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse Maybe not funny, as much as disturbing. . . 2) When I was in college, I was on a road trip with some of my friends to go climbing. We stopped at a highway rest stop. Naturally, we did the one urinal spacing between each of us. A very large trucker came in, went right to the urinal between my friend and I, and started moaning. Then he looked over at me and started smiling. Then at my friend and started smiling. ...
2007 BMW 328i w/sport pack 1991 Toyota MR2 (for SCCA)
Thats because I just snapped up the samuelsohn
If this thread is still alive when I get back from vegas I'll post pics of my Morrisons, and my Gap japenese selvage as well. Like the OP I orginally got them as a precursor to a more serious denim purchase.
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