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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Again, here is the concept of me being some hot-shot douche banker with no social skills that is paying for bottles and driving a Bentley to pull some skanky New Jersey ass. I like what Flambeur said earlier - that women do indeed judge a man for the money he makes. Not exclusively on that, but they certainly do look for someone who is "driven and successful". Is money the only way to demonstrate drive and success?...
Ciroc, I mean, if it's good enough for PDiddy.... :P
Blanton's, great stuff if you can find it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Diavolo You'll all be delighted to know you can now have free access to constructive advice about your WAYWN pics. You will received marks from A down for your posts. It will be almost impossible to achieve an A+ although an A- may be awarded in rare instances. You will finally learn the truth. That is, the subjective truth. You will be given suggestions for improvements and should take them in the spirit in which they...
This shall be EPIC
Join the Army. Completely serious.
I hate you all The H&M closest to me is 4 hours away. I wish they had a web store.
My Hickey Freeman MTM has a "Hickey Freeman, Bespoke, Nordstrom" Tag. At the top of the fabric tag it says: Tailored for "my name", followed by the fabric information. It is possible that they tag their MTM suits differently now.
I can't believe this suit is still available at this price. PM sent
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF My trainer takes pride in making people puke. Marine reserve guy, just got deployed for a year to Iraq, not sure how I'll live without him. Does he make himself puke? Off topic; but Marines deploy for 6 months (very few of their specialties deploy for longer). You'll be seeing him sooner than you think Unless of course he is in the Army. They are the only ones who deploy for 12+ months.
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