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Quote: Originally Posted by blairh Demonoid: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demonoid I just received an invite from a very kind SF member. (Thank you again). I'll be giving my invite code to my GF, so please don't ask me for it. using in lieu of :cocksucker:
Lotus Exige, well within your price range if you look at the 2005/2006 models.
The use of the word "professional" in online dating usually means a 4 year degree, and no manual labor. Many women would considered a man who works in medical sales a "professional", while they would not consider a car salesman a professional. If the car salesman had an undergraduate or graduate degree he would still not be considered a professional.
It's a belief system.... not a PROOF system. Who cares if someone believes and you don't, or vice versa? Who cares if someone practices their belief system in a different way? Only control freaks on both sides, believers and non believers, get riled up over this shit. Oh wait, I'm supposed to make inflammatory remarks in here right? I'm new, sorry, I will try harder in the future
I'm the random Army dude. People ask if I rent my house, I wonder if it's the uniform. If they aren't asking me if I rent they are asking me, in a serious tone, how many people I've killed... Misguided liberals, bringing the lulz.
I get to travel, alot, and in my mind Colorado seems to have the best breweries. Two breweries definitely stand out. New Belgium with their 1554, and Odells with their 90 Shilling Ale.
/ninja edit... keep moving
4 miles, enjoying some of the bike trails up in Wisconsin
This happens to me after amazing sex. The high blood pressure reply seems plausible.
If you lease from BMW again you'll pay $.15 cent's/mile for the additional 10k miles per year. Find a vehicle whose depriciation and maintenance cost's less than $.15/mile and I'll agree that the higher mileage BMW useage isn't lease friendly. I'd lease another 3/5 series if I were you
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