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In this scenario do I get a unicorn for every gun I turn in?
Infantry is Infantry. It's ridiculously physical no matter which branch you are in. Also, when I was in the Infantry we had 0 out of shape Soldiers. We did have the wounded, who tend to gain weight as they recovered from various injuries; but all my fit Soldiers were studs
I know what you are getting at, but I'd like to think that there are enough intelligent people that wouldn't automatically be turned off by the name. Maybe I am naive?
I agree. Instead of asking why Fox is so successful, a better question would be why isn't Al-Jazeera more successful.
I graduated from the University of Missouri (GO TIGERS!) in May of 2003, right after the invasion of Iraq. I immediately enlisted. This was mostly out of a misguided sense of patriotism; at the time Bush 43 had expanded the size of the Active Army Infantry by 30K.I scored in the 98th percentile of the ASVAB, the recruiters were stunned when I picked 11b, haha.The 6 miles at a 6 minute mile pace was no joke. The pace was +/-15 seconds. We finished as a squad, holding...
IIRC she shot Germans as they got off their transport trains. Like I said earlier, there is no doubt women can shoot as well as men. What is doubtful is how many of them can tolerate the full spectrum of combat operations. Being able to shoot is just a tiny part of the combat arms pie.
This^^ Red Eye is the only show I DVR.Anecdotal story about Red Eye. I managed to convince a few co-workers to DVR the program as well. My co-workers are stereotypical Fox news viewers; evangelical christian s who really wanted a Perry/Palin ticket. Anyway, they watched a few episodes and decided Greg Gutfeld was too liberal.... The core programs of Fox news tend to appeal to their ultra christian/conservative mindset. Apparently this is a large "news" market.
Hi all! Former Army Infantry Staff Sergeant here Short answer, if we gender norm (i.e. lower standards) NO. IF a female can keep up with an Infantry unit, in field conditions for 30+ days, then I am fine with that soldier joining the Infantry. Assuming we hold the standard and do not gender norm we will not see very many females in the Infantry. First things first, being in combat arms is more than just about shooting. I'm glad one of the female soldiers actually...
While I like have liked his speech, it seemed to focus on "that America", "that future", but he really hasn't laid out how this America gets to "that future". Good speech. He seemed more down to earth, but I guess I wanted more content.
LOL at the USA USA USA chanting
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