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no one?
There's been tons of CT Shoe threads and always get a mixed response. I'm in market for 2 pairs and definitely don't have a lot of money to spend. CT is running 25% sale with free shipping and I thought of picking up 2 shoes. Does SF recommend spending this amount on CT Shoes? Black Flemming Oxford Shoes||ML060BLK||||||||||||| Not Calf Leather Original Price - $199 Discount Price - $149.50 Tan Kirkby...
For example I just got one of these a few weeks back from CT and I wear this to work and can go out in evening wearing this too lol
I don't wanna spend more like an idiot and wear tent like shirts. It's just that I wanna try some different brands and since I mostly shop my stuff online i am a little nervous about spending my cash and getting something which is not good.Oh and thanks for not reading my post... lol..
Well since play is something I am able to use towards biz casual most of the times here in NY, I think i would say Play. Zara is definitely not biz but most work places I've been able to fly with it here in NY as an Software Engineer. Now of course if I was an investment banker it would've been different.
Well nothing really wrong but im tired of em lol.. I love CT but now I have so many that their new collection resembles the old and they all look similar if not same. Zara I keep buying once in a while but its a same thing with them. I wanna try something new and better and since I can afford a little more then Y not a better brand.What is TL, DR?
Looking at my lifestyle it's kinda hard for me decide the shirts I should buy. I'm 30 and work in a environment which is a typical biz casual, chinos with button downs kind. 90% of the ppl don't know how to dress or just don't care. I've bought a lot of zara shirts in past during college days and continued after that, coz I still go out in NY with friends and zara stuff is trendy (quality we know is blah) and I buy a lot of Charles Tyrwhitt shirts as their biz casuals are...
Very informative, clears a lot of confusion. Thnx guys.
I've spent sometime understanding various shoes. I read a lot on google and here on SF but some qns still remain. -- Oxford cap toe vs Brogues vs wingtips --- -- From what i always thought was that brogues are casual shoes and not to be worn with suits. They go with jeans, chinos and BC environment. -- Oxford cap toe would be a typical cap toe shoe and it can be a wing tip coz of W but will have no perforations. This is the good black formal shoe everyone should own for...
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