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Great advice. Thanks guys for the input. If I can afford a little more and wish to move up the ladder then what should be the next best stop after Suit Supply?
That's what I felt. I was walking around on 5th Ave and walked into Massimo Dutti (Inditex Brand) and they have super fancy showroom but terrible fit. Same with Hugo Boss. All these fashion brands look good for fresh graduates but i'm 33 yrs old and want to wear better quality suits. I can afford $1200 suit just don't wanna end spending out of my ignorance for something which is worth 600 BTW I also walked into Zegna showroom but those prices really scared the crap outta...
I did some impulsive shopping yesterday. Considering that my knowledge in suits is rather limited I walked into Suit Supply here in NYC and picked up a suit. I find the fit of their suits as a little more modern I would say as the cuts are mostly slim. The one I liked was $999. It was a full canvas, a premium suit (based on the agent helping me) in their inventory. I needed some minor alterations in pants and jacket which cost me another $97. So I walked out with a bill...
Well I came here looking for an opinion too and i'm kinda surprised looking at all the hate. But then most of the posts are from 2008 so I don't know if opinion has changed. I had an appointment at the guide shop here in NYC and I had a pretty good experience. The girl who was my guide helped me try every type of pant and shirt for me to get a good idea of their fitting. I gotta be honest that the fitting of their clothes was fantastic. Their slim fit pants were great and...
Yes i'm from NY..
These? I'm sorry i'm so in love with Tans lol
How often does that happen?
Show me one brother, considering my extremely limited Shoe knowledge I will take your 2 cents over my dollar anyday lol..
Thanks for your help Fred! Well TBH I don't have a great shoe collection and I'm trying to build them up. I pick Tan over brown because sometimes I can pull the Tans off with my jeans as well (I know Bals are not for jeans :P) because of limited shoe collection I have.Second, I love the shoes you put the link for but they end around $300 per shoe. Isn't that a little too much for Loakes? I could probably get AE Park Ave for a couple bucks more.
You are absolutely right about this. I went to the one on Madison Ave to find my correct shoe size before I order but they have no shoes in store. That store is smaller than my living room. Anyway, I really wanna know if these shoes are worth $150 and $180. I know some SFers have bought some CT shoes before and I just see lukewarm response all around. But SF does seem to be inclined towards expensive shoes and I wanted to stay under $200 so I thought this might be good.
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