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The bigger question here is how you can afford a $400 t-shirt, but not a cell phone with a half-decent camera..
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube How would you suggest I deal with a seller who sold me a condo that had an incorrectly measured dining room? Not even remotely the same idea.
OP, you had a right to complain and I think every person here would be 100% on your side - if only you'd just taken your steps in a different order. Your order: Buy suit, notice length, drop at tailor, leave feedback, THEN contact seller. Correct order: Buy suit, notice length, CONTACT SELLER, discuss options, resolve, leave feedback. By dropping the pants at the tailor before the seller has any chance to offer you a resolution, you completely tie his hands and...
I love some of the stuff Leo pulls off as Frank Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can.
Thanks again for the advice in this thread. Scoured eBay for a while and scored a pair of black AE Park Avenues and a pair of burgundy AE Sanfords for dirt cheap. Hope to get some pics up tonight!
I enjoy wearing fun clothing on the course. I find I take myself too seriously if I'm wearing muted colors.
Quote: Originally Posted by cdmoore1855 Shirt collar is a bit loose, I know, stock website photo
Quote: Originally Posted by dt1027 I've read the threads where people post pictures, no chance I'm doing that! More often than not, they're trying to help you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Everett I not only think the walnut goes well with a navy pin stripe, but all day Sunday I had on a similar ( but 2 pc. ) suit with my walnut 5th aveues and a yellow sm. paterned tie, and my lady thought I looked super. Don't forget to get a matching belt though. Thanks for the input - isn't she the only one whose opinion really matters anyway? So, after all this, I ended up missing the auction I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by theNEW This is not my first suit. I own many, any several slim suits that fit very well. This would be my first MTM suit, which is what I was insinuating. I am just not sure if I want to drop some cash and then have them come out with a deal next week. That would piss me off. I've been looking at Indochino for over a year. I couldn't glean that this would only be your first MTM suit and not first suit, but I...
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