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Dressing in a rush sucks. This is not how I wanted to debut these new kicks. Josh
I, and the people that compliment me on mine when worn with a suit ,think they look awesome.I like the advice given here, and I've learned a shit load, about dressing better (correctly), but there are exceptions to every rule. Including that one.
I like a slim lapel like the one on your jacket.
Ahhh thanks.
Sorry for my ignorance.What does 'FTFY' mean?Josh
Agreed. I tied it, then ran out the door.
Still trying. My first chino suit. I was always apprehensive wearing one to work because of wrinkles. Held up pretty well. How does the taper on the pants look? Josh
Still trying to see if I can work out this iPad for photos. Possibly not. Josh
[=[IMG]http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c285/thedomaniinternational/Snapbucket/th_AAE21B54.jpg[][/] [=][/] [=][/] [=][/] My first SF post. After all the comments about crappy cell phone pics, I go ahead and put up crappy iPad pics. Anyway...headfirst into the frenzy! Josh
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 Looks like my watch caught my one sleeve. Nice MDX. And shoes.
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