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Posture again with the tie over the belt thing. Standing now, and it barely touches the top of the belt.Not of fan of the DFIH. I like the heft and shape of a half windsor. Nice point though.
Thanks!Looking at the older fits, some of it is my posture. Some of it. The angle of this shot sure helps.Its funny here. They admire and compliment my attire a lot, but there are only two of us who will occasionally wear pocket squares. Maybe they just need to become accustomed to seeing them?Seems like you can't go wrong with a white cotton square.
Not a bad idea. I've been eyeing some tweed trousers that color. Hmmm.
My first bespoke suit. Full shot later. Company photographer is off today, so I had to do self shots today. Focused on the areas of improvement that have come up. Not sure about the lighter shade of suede Ferragamo's with this teak weave. I know it's hard to see texture in theses photos. Thanks everyone for the critiques! Josh
No shit. That looks fantastic.On that note...what're some good options for shirts with collars such as this? I know the usual suspects in the $100 range. Any others?
It does help, and thank you. This is EXACTLY why I started posting pics here!I had been on a 'slim pants' kick lately. To a fault it would seem. It will be a very Merry Christmas for my tailor!The tie width I feel is passable, but I do consider the rule when dressing. I'm also going to say 'fuck it' and invest in some squares. So what if the envelope gets pushed a little further?Thanks again, fellas.Josh
Chest feels great. It's the pants that need to be 'unslimmed' a bit.Agreed on the collar points. It's the shirts I've been buying. I'm replacing them one at a time.Thanks for the he response. I enjoy your posts quite a bit.
I need to start taking these shots first thing in the morning! Here is a Paul Stuart suit paired with a lavender gingham shirt, a chocolate knit tie, and chocolate suede lace ups. Thoughts?
I'll try not to reply to every post, but wanted to thank you for the tip on 'the lean' and explain my work place description. Which, in retrospect, wasn't a very good description at all.I completely push the envelope here. My daily attire is a topic of discussion every single day. Not negatively very often, but occasionally. As an example of the mindset, I couldn't wear a pocket square without most people thinking I'd taken it 'too far'.I am looking for the objective eye...
My bad. The pants are navy. Thinking of something else.
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