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You know that's right!
WIWT wool, corduroy, suede. St. Louis today is 50. New Orleans tomorrow is going to be around 70. Can't wait.
Apparently my Friday fit meets the criteria for the challenge this week. Pretty tame submission. I'm in Indianapolis for a meeting so I have to be conservative.
Long time no post. Friday business meeting attire in the frozen tundra that is Indianapolis.
Not worried about my fits being too much for the office anymore. I told them I was just going to have fun with it. Surprisingly, they were cool with it. So...I'm trying to mix it up. Here ya go. Josh
Made he cut.
I go through a haberdasher that comes to the office. So...not sure. That sounds strange.
Posture again with the tie over the belt thing. Standing now, and it barely touches the top of the belt.Not of fan of the DFIH. I like the heft and shape of a half windsor. Nice point though.
Thanks!Looking at the older fits, some of it is my posture. Some of it. The angle of this shot sure helps.Its funny here. They admire and compliment my attire a lot, but there are only two of us who will occasionally wear pocket squares. Maybe they just need to become accustomed to seeing them?Seems like you can't go wrong with a white cotton square.
Not a bad idea. I've been eyeing some tweed trousers that color. Hmmm.
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