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I disagree that the Brookline runs large. I've got one from SS12 and one from FW13 and both fits as small and tight as the Andover.
Incredibly strong collection from EG. Pretty much love everything from the lookbook but these particular outfits are simply "wow" for me. Very impressed with this collection. To the left... What's up with the names? B2B jacket and B1P pant? I'm guessing the styles are new. The jacket seems to be a mix between an Andover and Truman or something like that. Anyone knows if it's fully lined? What are the different colours/fabrics for the Duffle Coat, Ghurka pants, USN...
EG, Needles and Gitman. SS14 Tropical wool Andover!
@eluther I think RRL jeans goes well with EG. Unfortunately don't own any myself but from what i've seen they match EG well. And ofcourse you'll get them in different fits.
I've been wondering if that patterned coat is a Duffle. Looks very modified from the last couple of years. Anyone knows if that's the case, and what more variations it'll be available in?
True, that's why I ended up with the wool Andover (was considering the batik) because of it's versatility. It's the same with the vest ofcourse.Thinking about it most my vests are prints, the ones that's solids are hooded so the wool would probably be the safer choice. It's tempting to lean towards some of the more daring stuff too. I always appreciate something ventured, that's what makes that special EG twist I guess. Enough of my ramblings, I'll have to sleep on this I...
Anyone knows if the blue tone in the navy batik fits with the navy of the tropical wool Andover and cinch pants? As I got the pants and the Andover I was thinking of getting the matching tropical wool vest to make a three piece suit - or make something more special out of it and go with the navy batik cinch vest instead as both are on sale. What would you have done? Any other tips regarding accessories for ideas and inspiration is appreciated.
Nice photos! Lots of monk shoes...!
Just ask the store to mark down the value on the customs form below the limit where you're required to pay for tax. Many stores are willing to do this, including TBB.
Glad you like em @houkah, happy to be of help!
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