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END has a new collab up with some specials as of today and I just ordered these babies.
Thanks buddy.What fabric is the charcoal and black plaid Bedford in? Do you know of any more up close photos?Printed canvas is that duck canvas? Sounds interesting, would like to know more about the feel of that fabric too. I want a Bedford that's a bit stiff, like heavy whipcord, as opposed to for example broken twill. Perhaps I will have to wait till fall.Has anyone handled the cotton ripstop yet? How's the thickness of it? Is it on the thicker and stiffer side, or thin...
Anyone know what Bedfords will be available? Easily my favorite of the sport coats.
I love this thread. So many great combinations from creative people. Much inspiration!
^ ceoceo Warm, puffy and thick - Salmon People Over Vest? If not, Western Mountaineering - Black Flash Vest (got one myself, it's fantastic) or an equivalent from Montbell perhaps?
Probably a long shot but I'm looking for this Navy Big Floral Lafayette Shirt in a medium, or maybe small depending on measurements. Odin also had this print as an exclusive popover shirt, anyone would do. If you know where I can get one or if you have any of them for sale please let me know!
Thanks mate just what I needed to hear. Sounds like i'm going tts then. Measurements on the Bureau says the same thing but it feels better to double check these things as I've got no where to try them on and have to order online. Not surprised they run bigger this summer, the sizing always changes. Every. Single. Year.
Btw Workers did this for their FW13 collection And here's EG SS14
Thanks for the explanation. Anyone have any idea of who those manufacturers are, that Gitman, EG, etc. buys from? Might it be so that exclusivity rights were bought for for example the Salmon Prints as they were that seasons more exclusive and also most expensive fabrics? Also, can anyone comment on the sizing on this years Ghurka shorts? Last summers Ghurka and Cambridge shorts were both a bit downsized, I could hardly button the 30's, so had to size up to 32's. While...
^ I noticed that too. How does it work? It means that they don't design their own patterns, and buys their already printed fabrics from the same manufacturer?
New Posts  All Forums: