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Visited a local shop that carries SNS and tried on some of the new pieces. Originally went there for a new Stark. But I didn't really like the Triple grey mix, never felt 100% about it ever since I first saw photos of it either, and I wanted to get a lighter colored Stark because I got a charcoal Inverallan already. Left the place with a Memento in Oxblood Mix instead. Great cardigan, the fit is absolutely spot on in an M and i'm a 40-41" chest (size 40 in Inverallan). I...
cansty I just saw the photos on TheBureau (which are usually pretty accurate) and I think those photos are pretty much what you described so that seems to be correct, thanks!
Which one would you say is the most accurate from the pictures I uploaded? If it's as light as in the lookbook photo I want it, but if it's as dark as the other photos then I'm not sure if I want it :/.
Yeah haha, accidentally tumble dried last year's chambray miner for 2 hours or more. It shrunk pretty much one full size, t-rex arms now and too tight in the chest, can hardly use it. It was a (big) S originally so probably a XS now by last years measurements.
Wesley: Is that the navy trail vest from ss12? What size? Could I possibly buy it from you?
What does it look like? Odin: Working Title Shop: EU stockists: Antic Boutik, Next Door, The Bureau and (maybe) Mini, which I don't know where it's located. Anyone know the store Mini? Website?
The list might be a bit outdated. Try any of these here... http://www.postoveralls.com/dealer.html By the way, have Post FW13 started to roll out yet?
Don't know about XS, but try any of these. http://www.superdenim.co.uk/index.asp http://www.hideoutstore.com/ http://indigoandcotton.com/ http://thebusinessfashion.co.uk/ http://extra-nyc.com/ http://www.hickorees.com/ http://havenshop.ca/ http://www.c-shack.com/ http://www.triads.co.uk/ http://www.thehambledon.com/designers-for-men http://www.norsestore.com/ http://www.hwcarterandsons.com/ http://volls.de/index.php?lang=ENG http://www.rooneyshop.com/
They did reply to one of my 6 emails..........after a couple of months. The guy was very helpful though!
Why is Mr Porter like a hundred euros above everyone else?
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