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Edit: Nevermind.
Shawl Collar Knit Jacket orange/brown Rib Sweater Knit?Interested in that one too. Where'd you buy it and how did you size? TBB states the Small is 21" p2p. That's how I like my shirts. Will the knit jacket be too big you think?
No problem. Just to let you know, they replied to one of my emails about one year later.
That site hasn't been updated in like 2 years.
What's the characteristics of homespun like? The herringbone wool jackets i have from eg are pretty elastic and stretchy. Same with homespun? @Drinkwaters PM sent.
S, M, L and XL of the brown homespun Bedford already sold out at TBB. Not surprised.
Fycus, his name is Iain and he worked at Outlooks for men in Victoria earlier. Very nice dude and I've ordered from him before. He also runs or ran an independent clothing label called eng•lish. They made some shirts with neon green details if I remember correctly. I think he recently adopted the looser typical Japanese EG anti-fit (big pants, long shirts etc). Looks very good.
Can't access the site from my laptop at my work. But i can with the same laptop from home. Writing this from my iPhone connected to the same network as my laptop on my job. Tried cleaning cache in safari on the computer. Doesn't help. :/
And the same with me as with everyone else...
+1. Fabrics that strike me are Dark Grey Heavy Brushed Herringbone, brown homespun and the Heather Grey and Dark Olive Worsted Wool Flannel. And this scarf, damn!
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