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I received my Brown Homespun Bedford yesterday, that fabric and the Worsted wool flannel are like that too imo, a little scratchy. Not super soft.
I wouldn't worry too much. It sounds to me as you're a true 28/XS and they still fit like the last two seasons cinch pants true to size so to speak so I would recommend keeping with your normal size.I measured my fw13 USNs tagged sz 30 and the actual waist was 32 inches. If you were to measure your 28 size EG pants you might find out that the actual waist is 29, or maybe even 30.The SS14 fatigues were indeed one size bigger, I got exact measurements on them from Steven who...
Mike Not really, even though the measurements are similar the cinch pant is a different fit. The fatigues are baggier in the ass/back than the cinchs. Unfortunately I haven't handled the fatigues from this season so I can't comment on them. I've measured the pants and compared them to TBB measurements. I'm not really sure how TBB measures but regarding the leg, rise and thigh I measured from the very bottom of the rise where the seams meet. I got the thigh to about...
First impression was that even though it is not a very thick wool, about medium weight, the pants feel heavier than I expected when just holding them. It's a rich, deep, moss/forest green color, not justified by the crappy iPhone photos but best described by the first of the images. The fabric and color is matte rather than glossy and I come to think of a military wool blanket material without knowing if that's a correct assumption or not. They fit very much like SS14 and...
FYI I will receive the Cinch Pant in Dark Olive Worsted Wool Flannel today or tomorrow and can comment on it if you want to.These are the stockists for the pants in wool according to Nepenthes.• Cinch Pant - Dark Olive Worsted Wool FlannelBlack BlueBureauDel StoreInventory StockroomJack StrawNepenthes NYPeggs & SonsTrunk Clothiers• Cinch Pant - Heather Grey Worsted Wool FlannelBureauDel StoreFederal StoreNepenthes NY
Seems like Nepenthes didn't give you the full stocklist for the Orange/Brown Rib Sweater Knit. (They didn't give me it either, so who knows which all of the stores are that are carrying it?) Anyway. Barneys Madison Ave, Barneys San Francisco and Pilgrim also stocks it.
Edit: Nevermind.
Shawl Collar Knit Jacket orange/brown Rib Sweater Knit?Interested in that one too. Where'd you buy it and how did you size? TBB states the Small is 21" p2p. That's how I like my shirts. Will the knit jacket be too big you think?
No problem. Just to let you know, they replied to one of my emails about one year later.
That site hasn't been updated in like 2 years.
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