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Canstyleace, you are right about the flaps on the Baker. They're meant to stay outside of the pockets and not be folded in. The flaps are wider than the pockets... I think Yesssir got the batik Andover. (Demanding fit pic!)
Charles pants looks great with the beefrolls!
@Lorcan7 Oh I remember that! So that was him then! Good. Just shot him an email with some questions. Thanks.
Where do I buy those Quick Release belts I see every other japanese dude wearing? (Doesn't have to be EG) I found a site called http://www.timhardy.com/quick_release_belts.html, The Worcestershire Leather Company. Anyone have experience with their belts and can recommend them, or should I look elsewhere? If so, where?
Thanks but was looking for the dark navy.Yeah I know.. it's a bit of a gamble. The cavalry twill from fw13 works great with the broken twill from ss13 though. Found the pants online, will probably grab them. Need something lightweight for the wedding or i'm gonna drown in sweat as it's in july. You're probably right about the dobby twill. Thanks for your help buddy!
I'm the same height as you and share the same view. I'm very uncomfortable with wider leg openings.I can somewhat enjoy it if the hems are rolled up high, above the ankles and I wear shoes barefoot.
Thanks for your comments.Yes the Truman pants are definitely cool looking! How was the thickness of the dobby twill? Would you say it's definitely for summer or could it be used as a more of an all-round pant?I have the USN pants in heather grey oxford, they're great but i'm looking for something dressier for the wedding and I wanna be in all dark navy and not mixing colors. I'm hoping the cinch pants will go well with my dark navy Baker in broken twill from SS13. I think...
I'm looking to buy a pair of pants to make a suit, it's for a friends wedding. I got my eyes on the Navy Tropical Wool Cinch Pant and Dark Navy Dobby Twill Truman Pant. Judging by the measurements it seems as the Cinch pants is closer to what I prefer size and fit wise. I also have past great experience with the cinch pants. What speaks for the Truman pants is that I really like its details, especially the foldings on the front and pocket flaps, and maybe I would prefer...
A sucker for last season's look book. Bought almost the full outfit Navy HB Windowpane LDT Jacket Western Mountaineering Black Flash Vest Black Floral Printed Corduroy Cinch Pants Gitman shirt Polka Dot Knit Tie Black Shell Cordovan Alden Plain Toe Blucher Ebbets
Will: The Bureau, Tatt, Kafka, Tres BienWon't: Oi Polloi, ENDYou've probably been misinformed, they told me of the four stores stocking it, this was on april 9th.How about a 1000 bux? Hamburgers and sympathy hugs are on me
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