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Thanks @45bur, I take it you're referring to my photos in the How u roll thread but anyway i'd say TTS. This seasons tattersall tab collar fits similar to my FW13 tab collar, perhaps a tiny bit roomier (could be due to the different fabrics) but not enough to size up or down. Stay TTS.
Thanks Mike. Circumference, waist-wise they're the same (mine's 30 and fits TTS). Top block and thigh no significant difference. Truman being a little roomier in the thighs yes perhaps due to the double pleats but not by very much. I'm pretty sure i've measured the cinch for you earlier, have a look here it helps if not let me know and I'll help out. Cheers
Apologies for crappy photos. EG Homespun Bedford FW14 EG Tattersall Tab Collar FW14 EG Navy Truman Pants FW14 Australian Nut Quick Release Belt Alden Cordovan LWB EG Olive Worsted Wool Flannel Cinch pants FW14 Post O'Alls shirt EG Baker jacket EG Fair Isle knit tie Ebbets cap Black Quick Release belt NB 990
Very nice indeed! Was just about to ask what jacket that is that you're wearing @mbaum until I saw that it was the shooting vest. Works very well over that jacket.
New Needles stuff up at Garbstore. Fatigues look amazing.
Hi. I usually wear size 30 yes, that's for all EG pants, fatigues, cinch, usn, matt etc. Some pants are a little tighter than others when first putting them on but from my experience they've always had a little to give - after 1-2 weeks wear all of them have loosened up a bit, cord, twill, oxford, they've always been a little tight to begin with but got nicely worn in after some time.The worsted wool flannel cinch pants from this season I took a 30 in as well, at first try...
No worries buddy. I've got my eyes on another second-hand one already. Thanks anyway!
Just pulled the trigger on Navy Wool Uniform Serge Truman Pant - 30 Eggshell Tattersall Tab Collar Shirt - M Hopefully the width of the Truman pants will be pretty good for me as I don't exactly has the largest legs man has seen. Also got the B2B Jacket - Brown/Navy Wool Twill Plaid - M about a week ago, fit is perfect, much like the Andover. The dark, autumn-y tones of the colors, and fabric is amazing as well. Favorite piece from the season. Brown Homespun Bedford...
Great initiative starting this thread. I'm on the lookout for this S2W8 back pack. South2 West8 - Suntan Sunforger Trek Pack The Bureau are sold out. Any ideas? Edit: Oops, just saw you had the stockists listed in the thread start. Should have a look at them then, cheers.
I would compare the pants to another pair that you have that you think have the perfect length and then have them shortened to that same length.Oh and wash them first if you haven't already. You don't want them to shrink after you've cut them .
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