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Which is the warmest of the following fabrics? Is anyone of them substantially thicker/warmer than the other? Navy 20oz Melton $650 Olive Heavy Wool Melton $700 Charcoal 24oz Wool Herringbone $720 Grey/Navy Wool Fair Isle Blanket $1,200 Thanks.
So nice. Where can I get this?
Great pick ups @Knight and thanks for the above photos. I'm stoked to see your fit pics.
Makes me wanna rock a Dayton. What other variations is there? I already got the tab collar in the eggshell tattersall.
This is fucking great. Perfect fit and top notch shoes to go with it. I would probably not pull it off but you do. I love it!
Ha ha. I stand behind the others. Nothing wrong at all, fit is great. Maybe you're just not used to it, though I don't think they look that much slimmer than what you usually wear. (I could be wrong)
The brown/navy wool twill is very much like the worsted wool flannel in terms of softness/roughness. Both have a pretty fine and soft feel. There's not much difference at all. The homespun is a little rougher than the other two.
That is great, will stop by, thanks both.I love how Google Maps labels that Walter Foods place as "hipster American comfort-food restaurant" lol it might be worth a visit.Gallivant seems to recommend some proper stuff, i'll check em out. Thanks.
Hello guys This is off topic but since I mostly post here and am acquainted with you guys I thought I'd post it here. Going to NYC again (fuck yes) in December, 5th-8th. How are the stores' stock usually at that time? Mostly sold out? Is it sale by then? I've copped quite much already but looking to get a thick warm wool coat atleast. Probably Duffle or Highland Parka. Looking for SNS Herning Stark as well, anyone know any stores in or around Manhattan that carries...
Those quilted down jackets are insane. Fancying the black or gold zip. Anyone have an idea of price?
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