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Thanks. That's a shame :/True. Not very tempting to do that with a brand new garment the first thing you do though. Am actually thinking of dyeing my olive cotton twill Matt pants though, cause they're just over a year old and i've got so many olive pants. Is it easy to succeed with it or is it quite tricky to get good results?
@nickp I love the B1P pants. Very interesting design. Do you know if they're available in black moleskin? Also, any chance of a close up of the fabric? Cheers
Heads up regarding lint magnets: The worsted wool flannel isn't that much of a lint magnet but the navy wool uniform serge is way worse. Have to pick hair strands and dust from them every other morning or so. Yes I do need to vacuum my apartment but still. Still worth it though.
@Superb0bo Striped jacket Post O'Alls? [[SPOILER]]
@Cotton Dockers Sounds reasonable, thanks. @mbaum Damnit. If it would have had red center I would have copped it from you right away.
December 5th-8th . I doubt that they will hold it for me that long.How much are they?Would anyone be able to proxy for me (if the price is not too steep)?
Which is the warmest of the following fabrics? Is anyone of them substantially thicker/warmer than the other? Navy 20oz Melton $650 Olive Heavy Wool Melton $700 Charcoal 24oz Wool Herringbone $720 Grey/Navy Wool Fair Isle Blanket $1,200 Thanks.
So nice. Where can I get this?
Great pick ups @Knight and thanks for the above photos. I'm stoked to see your fit pics.
Makes me wanna rock a Dayton. What other variations is there? I already got the tab collar in the eggshell tattersall.
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