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Nice Lawlercon.. The black FW13 Field Parka was my favorite and I regret not getting it.
Same here.. Was unimpressed with the patterns of SS13 but ended up changing my opinion completely as the collection grew on me massively. Feels the same this season, first impressions haven't been "wow" but more like "meh..this is ok", "not really feeling it". It wouldn't surprise me though if that will change as well as we see more photos of composed outfits and single garments coming up in the near future. I'm hoping so at least.
New Years eve [[SPOILER]] Happy new year to all of you!
How thick and warm would you say the 24oz wool HB is? Found one Over Parka left in my size and am probably gonna pull the trigger on that one instead of the navy geometric jacquard. It should be much warmer than the jacquard right? Also is the black moleskin bedford still available in size medium anywhere? If you wanna sell your used one shoot me a pm. Thanks
If anyone wanna get rid of their FW14 Over Parka in wool (dk navy geometric jacquard or charcoal 24oz wool hb) size small, knows where I can find one, or could proxy it for me from the NNY sale (for a small amount of money of course) that would be awesome! Cheers
I tried on the workaday fatigues in olive rev. sateen for the first time at Nepenthes this weekend. It's a really cool fit that I really liked and I've got thin legs. I went with my true waist size which is 30, which in the case with these pants is a size XS. From the front they do look a bit like a tent, it is a fit that will require some getting used to. From the sides and back they look great and the fit around the top (front and ass) is in no way oversized, it is...
For all S and L's in here, Herringbone CPO at 60% off:
Don't know why but just watched this full 11 minutes without understanding a word.Would love it if someone who speaks japanese could translate/summarize some of it.
Cool and creative thing combining the hooded interliner with the over vest there @eluther. Well executed. @Knight Those waders are too good.. And that leopard pattern sticking out underneath the jacket is like the icing on the cake. Yeah you should post more often
The Ghurkas is about 0.5 smaller in the leg opening? I've been looking for something with like a 6.5 leg opening (for a sz 30) but TBB has them stated as 7 but I guess you are right about it.I'm comfortable with a 7 also but as i'm not very tall and have thin legs I embrace the smaller leg openings. On me, they still look 'normal' and not very tapered. The B1P pants looks interesting but worried about the wider thighs. Might just look like a balloon/clown/whatever in them?
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