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Cool and creative thing combining the hooded interliner with the over vest there @eluther. Well executed. @Knight Those waders are too good.. And that leopard pattern sticking out underneath the jacket is like the icing on the cake. Yeah you should post more often
The Ghurkas is about 0.5 smaller in the leg opening? I've been looking for something with like a 6.5 leg opening (for a sz 30) but TBB has them stated as 7 but I guess you are right about it.I'm comfortable with a 7 also but as i'm not very tall and have thin legs I embrace the smaller leg openings. On me, they still look 'normal' and not very tapered. The B1P pants looks interesting but worried about the wider thighs. Might just look like a balloon/clown/whatever in them?
Trying out bucket hats Truman pants and B2B jacket, tie -12 and Gitman tattersall FW14 shirt. Homespun Bedford, Western mountaineering vest, 19th century bd and FW11 fair isle tie.
@mbaum These are your first cinch pants right? Glad you like them. Did you end up going tts, and what about the thigh width?
This might be my favorite outfit from you. Really liking it. Cool jacket and everything fits great. 👍
I like the idea @Cotton Dockers. It would be easier to find EG garments if they were all gathered in one thread.
Thanks. That's a shame :/True. Not very tempting to do that with a brand new garment the first thing you do though. Am actually thinking of dyeing my olive cotton twill Matt pants though, cause they're just over a year old and i've got so many olive pants. Is it easy to succeed with it or is it quite tricky to get good results?
@nickp I love the B1P pants. Very interesting design. Do you know if they're available in black moleskin? Also, any chance of a close up of the fabric? Cheers
Heads up regarding lint magnets: The worsted wool flannel isn't that much of a lint magnet but the navy wool uniform serge is way worse. Have to pick hair strands and dust from them every other morning or so. Yes I do need to vacuum my apartment but still. Still worth it though.
@Superb0bo Striped jacket Post O'Alls? [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: